How I Felt…and also knit….and also spin

I’ve been a little light on the fiber stuff lately. Not that I haven’t been doing it. Really. I’m finishing Chelsea’s sweater (which always takes longer than I think, which is why after 4 years it’s still not finished), I’m working on a sweater for me, I’ve got about 3 different fibers I’m spinning, and an idea for a sweater design from handspun which is a new territory for me. Not the spinning, the designing. I’m just never sure about posting about things in various stages of unfinished so I don’t do it much.


Here’s what Maggie spun in the shop tonight from Louet Northern Lights. I think it’s Icy something colorway.
I took a little and plied it back on itself so you can see what it will look like when she plies it. Six years old. I hope Santa brings her a Ladybug because the girl is good.
Here’s what I did tonight. I had a class with only one student called Last Minute Felted Gifts. I made a couple other things too but I actually came up with this little gem in my own tiny brain. Cute as a button I think.

I started with a Styrofoam cone – because they are supposed to be quick things – and covered it with a layer of dark green roving. I then took little wisps of fiber – different shades of green – and folded them in half and needle felted them into place where the ends came together. I started at the bottom and worked to the top. I made the little balls and felted them in up under the folds and the star was just a flat felted piece that I cut out and poked in the feet to make it stand up.

I think it’s kind of cute. Don’t get carried away with my felting skills though. The whole time I was poking and prodding I was thinking that I’d rather be spinning so I don’t think I have a bright future in the needle felting like some people I know. But it’s good to branch out.

It’s also good to go back to the lovely, quite, rhythmic beauty that is spinning.


6 thoughts on “How I Felt…and also knit….and also spin”

  1. Becky

    The tree is adorable. Nice job.

  2. Mysticleeme

    Love seeing your ‘stuff’ and really appreciate all the time and effort you put into the shop and the blog. But what would Beth like Santa to bring?

  3. Kat

    Oohhhh, I like the colorway your darling daughter chose to spin!! That is really lovely!

    And, how darn cute is that tree!!!

    Let your daughter know that I have about a bajillion “eyes of Santa” watching here – and I will make sure they see her fabulous spinning!!

    Santa…. you got that????!!!!!????

  4. spider

    Oh my, Ms. Maggie ~ BEAUTIFUL yarn!! Way to go!!!!! And gotta love that little tree, Beth. You can be a needle felter AND a spinner AND a knitter AND a shop owner AND a mother AND a wife….You not only can, you’re doing it!

  5. Redford Phyl

    Maggie is amazing! I hope that Santa brings her that Ladybug.

    And that tree! Give me a pattern or instructions and I’m all set, but to just pull something together like that, can’t do it. Brava!

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