I am in love…

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And her name is Jacey Boggs.  I think she is smart and also pretty.
She came over, cause I invited her, and she taught us how to make really pretty yarns.  Friday, we had six hours of corespinning in her class called Soft Core Spinning.
She’s magical. 
 And entertaining.

 Saturday was Boucle all day.  Those yarns above are Jacey’s.
 These are her boucle swatches.
 This is some discarded boucle from a disgruntled student…it got better.
Boucle in progress a la Jillian Moreno of Spinning Tuesdays on the Knitty Blog and Knittyspin editor extraodinaire.  (if you didn’t know about Knittyspin you aren’t spending enough time with Knitty)
 This is my boucle.  the one on the right was my first yarn of the day.  I got better and learned what it really takes to get those little circles.
 Sunday was cables and crepes.  I worked all day really hard and forgot to take photos.  But here are some sample yarns I made in different thicknesses. 
 I made this one too.  It was not right but I think it’s pretty anyway.  I needed more twist in my singles.
 At the end we made some supercoils and plied them.  It’s kind of a crepe.  I’m making a necklace and bracelet from these.  I show ya when I’m done.  I’ve already been to the beads store.
 Also, sheep.
 Border Cheviot
 Clun Forest
 and a peacock
some cutie patootie donkeys
and a little closer spotted donkey.  So cute.  

Tons going on right now.  Deb Menz in a little over a week and then the Michigan Fiber Festival.  there are a couple of my classes that still have room.  You can still sign up!

Also, Amy King in September.  Why didn’t you sign up yet.  It’s gonna be great fun!  Check out the class descriptions here.


6 thoughts on “I am in love…”

  1. Pat

    I know everyone who took this class at The Spinning Loft learned a lot with Jacey. I bet there were lots of giggles also. What fun. You bring in such wonderful instructors.

    Pat D

  2. Jody

    what a great post! I would have loved to have been part of that spinning adventure! I am always puzzled with the WHAT TO DO with boucle???? Any pattern suggestions?

  3. WonderWhyGal

    One of these days I am going to be able to register for one of her classes and one of the many amazing ones you offer at your store.

    See you in a few weeks at the Michigan Fiber Festival!

  4. Spruce Hill Fiber Farm

    I am in love too!!!! Great class, great times, great new friends!!! Hope to see everyone soon!

    (aka…Spruce Hill Fiber Girl)

  5. Ludmilla

    Not a big fan of boucle but these yarns look great.
    Love your blog title, LOL!

  6. Larjmarj

    I agree with a lot of the comments, I love the way the yarn looks but I'm never sure of what to do with it. I've got some time of coming up, hope to make a field trip out to see ya!

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