I DA HO? No, Navajo.

Here is the update on the Navajo Weavers for the week. They are still amazing me. They all have a tribal name now. This is Barb Soft Hands. She doesn’t pound her stitches down very hard and so I expect her project will have a soft hand and be drapey.
This is Barb Tall Loom. She’s got a very nice diamond shape going there and has some stitch pattern called rain across the center. Her colors are all natural and it is a very beautiful weaving.
This is LeeAnne. I’m not exactly sure what her name is yet. She does take out her aggression on the project and her stitches are very compact. When she finally makes a rug sized project I think archaeologists in 1000 years will dig it up and it will still be intact. Her colors are very dramatic. I didn’t think I would like them together but I really do like it.

The Highland Triangle is coming along but I’m still on the center.

I am still trying to decide which wheel to take to SOAR. I have plans to take a few classes with a wide variety of techniques and I like all of the wheels for special reasons. I don’t know. Maybe the Majacraft Rose. Maybe my trusty Ashford Traditional. All I do know at this point is I’m bringing back a 30″ Cherry Schacht Reeves Saxony. CANT WAIT!!! If you’d like to try it out come and see me at the shop after October 14th.

Friday I went to get my eyes checked. I’ve been getting headaches almost everyday for the last 2 weeks and had to see if there was something wrong. Well, my prescription has changed dramatically. I’m getting old. I know that because of one word. Bifocals.

I felt a little depressed about it so I went and got a hair cut. No pictures yet but here’s what Ryan did during skating lessons on Saturday.
Yup, he chose not to participate.
But here’s the Magster:


2 thoughts on “I DA HO? No, Navajo.”

  1. historicstitcher

    Hanging in there? Haven’t really heard much from you lately. Are the headaches better now?

    I finished the red Ashland Bay roving, plied it, and washed it yesterday. Swatched it last night. Best EVER! It’s smooth and even, and when knitted almost looks store-bought! (Which does bring up the thought of why spin by hand to make yarn that looks store-bought, but that’s a totally different conversation…)


  2. Karen

    Magster that was one big sigh at the end good job!! I’m 44 and still let out a big sigh when I get to the other side on Ice Skates!

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