I Found Some Yarn

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When I was winding the warp for the towels I’m weaving I ran out and had to put a brown stripe. They were originally just going to be white. I was sure I had more white cotton somewhere and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Really. I looked everywhere. Almost.

The other day I was in the laundry room looking for something and I opened a cabinet that is high above my head with a door that is hard to open without a step stool. And there it was.

That is 17 cones of yarn. 14 cones of cotton and 3 cones of grey Shetland wool.

I’d better weave faster. Anybody need some towels? I can practice my Huck Lace technique.


2 thoughts on “I Found Some Yarn”

  1. Lisa

    And you no doubt put all that yarn there while telling yourself that you’d remember that it was there. Right? Not that I know anything about doing that sort of thing…

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