I got nuthin

Ok. That’s not completely true but I’m still sans pictures and all I can think of is my darlin‘ who just got home from being away for what feels like 10 years. But that’s that Pirate movie invading my thoughts again.

That’s us. Well, in my dreams I look like that in a dress.

I got a new spinning wheel from ebay.

I have some new stuff coming from Fancy Kitty.

Brittney and I went to the movies and to the Melting Pot on Thursday.

I have been spinning up a storm and started some new socks.

Well, I guess I do have stuff to talk about, but no patience for it right now.

I’m off to listen to some mood music. Gwen Stephani and They Might Be Giants.

What? Aren’t they on your mood music list?

I guess it depends on what kind of mood you’re talking about. Hee.


1 thought on “I got nuthin”

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Beth it’s kim philburn! I love your blog i know i said i would look at it a few months ago and i really wished i had. You are so funny and i can’t wait to go to your store i feel like i want to buy everything in it. Do you have a web site to show what you have online? Anyhow your dressers for your shop are breath taking i just love them! AWWW i miss you!!
    see ya later, oh yeah i want to see a pic of you and your sexy bod 🙂

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