I Love a Parade

So I was in Williamston on Friday night. It was their homecoming night. I didn’t go for the parade or anything – I was just lucky. I love marching band music. I know it’s very geeklike of me but I can’t help it. It brings back memories of High School and I, unlike many other people, was very happy in High School. I was a flag twirler in the band. It was great!
Here are some pictures that I took.

This is the homecoming king and queen.
The marching band.
Young football players.
So my story is that I was knitting in my car waiting for my event to start – I will talk about that later. I heard the band coming down the street so I grabbed my camera. After i snapped a couple of pictures i realized that my car door was open and my purse was in there so I ran back and closed the door and continued taking pictures. You all can see where this is going right?
After the parade was over i had a little wave of nausea. I had locked my doors. I had left my keys, purse, cell phone, knitting in the car.
Down the street there was a police officer directing the after-parade traffic. Surely he would help me! I thought they had those things to break into cars in their cars. NO THEY DON’T.
He did however, let me use his cell phone to call AAA. AAA wouldn’t answer the phone because I didn’t have my AAA membership number – because it was locked in my car.
I called my darlin’:
Me: Um, darlin’, I lockerd my keys and all my stuff in the car.
Him: Yeah?
Me: I know I have the car seats in my car.
Him: Yeah.
Me: Can you help me? Can you come and push the little button on your key and open the door?
Him: Ryan’s asleep but I’ll go and see if Elvis and Jo can watch them.
(Yes, I live next door to Elvis and his wife is now named Jo. I don’t know if Priscilla knows)
Within 30 minutes he was there saving me. So I could go see:

Yup, That’s her. Isn’t she cute? She’s quite animated and full of information. I took her class on creativity on Friday night. Saturday morning was First Choices / Basic Shapes and then today was Advanced Shaping.
Yesterday there was one about stripes but I didn’t take it because I’m a nitwit.
There was note taking galore and lots of new information. I learned that I can sketch. I learned that I can come up with new ideas of my own. I know that because since her classes I have about a bajillion ideas swimming around. I think I’d better write them down. For example, Sally has a sweater in her The Knit Stitch book called The Faith sweater. You make it by knitting a whole bunch of garter stitch scarves and then you crochet them together and add a sleeve. it’svery flowy and beatifully drapy. I’ve been wondering what to do with all of these stray skeins of handspun that I’ve been experimenting with. now I know that I’m going to try something using them and her great pattern.
I also like the look of Victorian clothes and all of their “V” shapes built in. I think I might try something like that with some beautiful waist shaping.
Maybe a cardigan with waist shaping on either side of some fab cables and set in sleaves maybe with a littl gather at the top.
And maybe, and maybe and maybe…I could go on with the maybes forever now when on Friday I only knew I’d like to try to design a garment but didn’t even know where to start.
I also learned about what is my perfect short and long sweater lengths and I am going to share that with you now so you can know too. It works every time.
For your long sweater length you look in the mirror. There is a place on your legs where they start to turn into hips. That is where your long sweater should stop. Look in the mirror with a long sweater on and stretch it or roll it up and you’ll see that it is true.
Short sweater length is a little more complicated and mathematical but it really works and here is the equation:
I’ll plug my numbers in as examples
63″ Height in inches
-3″ For distance from ankles to floor – this number is the same for everyone.
60″ Divide this by 2
30″ This is the midpoint of your body between ankles and top of head
10″ Measurement of head and neck – Put the ruler on your shoulder at about your bra
strap and hold your hand straight accross the top of your head and take the
measurement. Subtract that number from your midpoint number.
+1 If you are small /medium add 1/2″, Large add 1″, XL add 1.5″ and so on
21″ Is my perfect most flattering short sweater length. It is very true becasue she
demonstrated in class and it works. This measurement is the full garment length from
the top of the shoulder not the center back neck.
I have ten pages of notes in addition to 14 pages of hadouts which I scribbled all over. I’m ready to design a sweater!
This was a great weekend. it did a huge amount for my self confidence.
I have a lot of other things to talk about but I’m going to leave it for later. But I do want to leave with one quote that Sally gave us that I love from Winston Churchill,
“Creativity is the ability to go from one failure
to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”


6 thoughts on “I Love a Parade”

  1. Terry C

    Good golly you’re fast … I barely just got home and you’ve already entered something in your blog … two hours ago no less. Well if anyone ever asks if it’s worth taking a Sally Melville class we can say a resounding YES! There was so much information and insight into creativity that I think I will be having AHA moments for the next six months as I absorb it all.

  2. Kate A.

    That does sound like a really great class. Thanks for sharing the perfect length formulas – I’m going to try using them next time I make my own sweater. Funnily enough, I got 21 too for the short ideal length (or rather, 21.375), even though my numbers were quite different up to the final one. If memory serves, I think I’ve usually made my sweaters about 22″ just eye-balling it. Interesting!

  3. Dianna

    Thanks for sharing the perfect length formula. Since I am about to embark on the Twisted Knitters KAL and spin, then knit, a sweater for myself, that will be handy information. Merci!

  4. jessie

    That sounds like a fantastic class. I am dubious about the short-length sweater measurements, however. I have an incredibly short torso and long legs. My stepmother, who is the same height, is well-proportioned. When I used to drive her car, I had to adjust the rear-view mirror considerably, because I was so much “shorter” sitting down than she was. I may actually give this a try, since despite my short torso I am forever making my sweaters too short, but I’m just wondering how it factors in proportional differences in people.

    I would love to take a class like that.

  5. margene

    I had the same class from Sally about 2 years ago. She is a great teacher and so full of useful information. Lucky you! Sounds like you know just what to do with what you learned.

  6. rachel

    Once a band geek, always a band geek!!! I was in color guard, too. (I did 8 yrs~4 in high school and then 4 in college. Talk about supreme band geek.) There’s just something about fall, football, band music…

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