I’m Open!

The new website is up – Kate helped me a lot – well she did most of it. ( don’t think she has a blog but she’s katiebird on Ravelry) It’s very lovely. I love the new logo and the new font and now I need to get to work on the content and reformatting the pages.

In addition, the webstore is up and running. Now everything in the physical shop isn’t in there…yet. Give me a little more time and I’ll get most of it up. The main things right now are the natural wools and luxury fibers and some of the wheels.

The focus right now is to get the rest of the wheels in there including all options and also show what fleece in the grease I have for your spinning pleasure.

I’m really excited and nervous about this thing. Nervous because what if nobody decides to shop there…or what if everybody decides to shop there. I know, split personality.

Anyhoo, go take a look and tell me what you think so far.


10 thoughts on “I’m Open!”

  1. Sandra

    Congrats! The site looks great, easy to navigate.

  2. Kristin (delic8genius on Rav)

    OMG, this looks fabulous! I will definitely be using the online store!

  3. Donna B

    Yay! You’re a peach, Beth. I’ll have to put in an order now so you can send me my Abby batt.

    The spindle in that picture is a Spindlewood spindle…spalted birch whorl, nice long shaft but I can’t remember the wood. I found it at the Bellwether site, and don’t believe anyone who says you can’t fall in love over the internet. 🙂 I b’lieve his spindles are one-of-a-kind, but I think he also does special orders so he might do a similar one for you.

  4. tracey in michigan

    looks incredible! Congrats!

  5. Brittney

    I would like to order yarn, needles, and book so I can knit a sweater please.

  6. --Deb

    It looks great … though, that one sheep keeps sticking her tongue out at me (grin)

  7. Suzanne

    Looks great. Love the little quotes that pop up and the little sheep sticking its tongue out.

  8. Redford Phyl

    New look is great! I really need to drive up there and recharge my creative batteries. I’ve been putting in way too many hours at the office, with no break in sight for a while. You may see me tomorrow. Just because!

  9. Kate Hussein A.


    This is going to be so dangerous.

  10. jae

    I love the sheep comments! The site looks fabulous.

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