In Sickness and In Health

More than halfway to the goal. Yaaaaaay! In less than half the time allotted. Yaaay Yaaaay!
I may want to add another 10 pounds to the goal but we’ll see when I get around the beginning of June.

Today didn’t go as planned.
The Plan
1. sleep in a little
2. get the kids breakfast
3. review my Sunday school lesson
4. get the kids dressed for church
5. dress myself
6. go to church
7. Lou leaves for Toronto
8. Hot dogs for dinner
9. Early to bed

The actual day
1. sleep in a little
2. talk to Lou about why he’s in the bathroom so much
3. be alarmed about the fact that there hasn’t been pee since yesterday
4. make arrangements for the kids
5. dress kids
6. drive kids to friends’
7. meet Lou at the hospital
8. sit at hospital for 3 hours
9. try to talk you out of Toronto tomorrow
10. Walmart for prescriptions
11. pick up kids at church
12. dinner
13. pay bills
14. early to bed

Lou has a bladder infection. All should be well in a couple of days. I still think he should stay home and I still know he won’t listen.
When he’s back from Canada then he will leave on Thursday with the kids to Pennsylvania for the Phillies home opener. It’s become somewhat of a tradition but this will be Ryan’s first time.
I will be staying behind with the shop since the following week we are off to St Louis for the Frozen Four. Michigan was eliminated last night. They blew two 2 point leads in that game. Michigan State will be there, however.

Tomorrow is also our first 12th anniversary. June 3rd is our second 12th anniversary. Maybe I should explain.

I am a religious girl. Because of this, there was a lot of time of me saying “no”. Three years or so if you’d like to know. We were engaged and planning a big wedding at my mom’s bed and breakfast with the big tent and the guests and the huge cake – all for June 3rd, 1995. Lou was going to be in California for a business trip in March of 1995 and so I flew out and met him for the weekend since I had lived there and knew people I wanted to visit. Again I found myself in a position to say “no”. He said, “Then let’s get married.” So off we went to Las Vegas. Drove up and down the strip a couple of time and chose this place. It was cute. And a fun thing to do.

It was Sunday. The courthouse is open on Sunday in Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, it is open 24 hours from Friday to Monday. I think it cost a little more than $100. for the marriage license at the time. There’s a little counter where you fill out a half sheet of paper with a golf pencil. Then you take it to one of the people at the typewriters (probably computers now) where they type up your license.

We took the wedding chapel limo from the chapel to the courthouse and back. In the same limo with us there was a drunk lady and her man. She just couldn’t believe they were doing it. I couldn’t either. It was morning and she was already plastered.

After the little ceremony – Elvis free – we went out for a romantic lunch at Arby’s and then drove back to Los Angeles as fast as we could since we had a dinner appointment with some friends.

We didn’t tell a soul. For years. My parents just found out last year. His parents – still don’t know. It’s been great fun and I have not regretted that day for one minute.
Not much celebrating this year – due to illness – but I have been reliving that wonderful day in my head for the whole weekend.

As for spinning and knitting. Not much to show.

I’m working on my first skein for the HGA Handspinning COE. It’s on a drop spindle. I chose Blue Faced Leicester top. I am spinning it my usual thin way. I think I’m doing a pretty good job but it’s been 3 weeks and I have only finished about 0.65 ounces. I need a one ounce skein. Well, I may actually have more done than that because I got a lot done at the hospital today.


10 thoughts on “In Sickness and In Health”

  1. Sarah

    You had a secret wedding! That is such a romantic story. I guess your in-laws don’t read your blog?

  2. jessie

    That is too funny. I love the golf pencil and the “romantic lunch at Arby’s.”

    In all seriousness, I know a couple who were determined to “wait” and who got married WAY too soon because they just couldn’t wait. Then they had two kids and got divorced. You are a strong woman. Three years??? Sheesh!!!!

    Me? I didn’t feel like “waiting,” so I shacked up. 😉 (I am Not Religious.) We did get, and stay, married, though!

  3. Julie

    How cool to finally “meet” someone else with two anniversaries. Ours are a few days apart- a JP wedding the first year shortly before we bought our first house and then a church wedding the following year so family could come and celebrate with us. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Tracey, in MI

    aww praying for Lou-

    what a great wedding story! I’m WAY over due for a visit to the shop will try to make it in soon;)

  5. Tracey, in MI

    aww praying for Lou-

    what a great wedding story! I’m WAY over due for a visit to the shop will try to make it in soon;)

  6. Fiberjoy

    I love your wedding stories! Way cool. Twice married within three months – sounds scandalous.

    Especially fun is the fact you’ve kept the first one a secret all these years.

  7. Lisa

    Congrats on your dual anniversaries! Kinda of funny, because my dh and I have dual anniversaries, too! (and no one, to this day, except one of dh’s friends, knows about it) We got married in a little chapel about 8 months before the big “to do.” Happy first twelfth anniversary!

  8. hesira

    Congratulations on your anniversaries. I only have one and it’s next week. Good times all around.

    I feel for Lou. I get bladder infections a lot and they wipe me out. I hope that all gets better.

  9. Tracey, in MI

    Hey- you’re awfully quiet—- you doin ok? Prayed for ya- love ts

  10. Tracey, in MI

    Hey- you’re awfully quiet—- you doin ok? Prayed for ya- love ts

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