It’s a Lacey Day

As you can see, yesterday afternoon I got my lace swap package from Suzi .
I wanted to show everyone all day but the kids are all here and they, for some reason, want me to spend time with them.
Also, the wrapping was so beautiful. I can’t show it to you because daughter number 2 erased all of the pictures off of my camera today. We went to the zoo and I told her that I needed to free up some space on the memory card. I forgot to tell her that I hadn’t transferred some of them to my computer.

Anyway. Each piece was wrapped in a lovely shade of lavender tissue. All inside a box lined with green tissue. I don’t know how she knew that my favorite color combination is purple and green. I think Suzi’s a mind reader.

Here is the cake. Three skeins of Blackberry Ridge wool called Thistledown in cream. It is a singles yarn with 750 yards on each skein. I’ve never seen this yarn before. I love it. It is quite soft. I have never knit with a single before and I have been considering using my own spun singles but this will be better because it is definitely more even than my own spinning.

Also there was the cutest card with a sheep spinning her wool. Love. AND a pattern – The Tina Shawl – from Fiddlesticks. I have been eyeing this pattern for months. I don’t have any Fiddlesticks patterns and no local yarn shops carry them and I’ve been putting off ordering them even though I am at their website at least every other week drooling over many of the designs.

Here is the icing on the cake. Raspberry Lemonade mix with a cute little whisk. A darling little notebook called Hot Chocolate – my fave. A happy face ice pack. I can’t figure out if this is for the kids or my aching wrists from over-knitting. Either way, cute as heck. My favorite stitch markers. I have a couple of sets of these in different sizes but not this color. There are 21 in a set, these are lovely blue with one yellow one in case of circular knitting. They also don’t have dangly things to get caught in the holes of your lace.

The list continues with some stork embroidery scissors – blue steel. I also collect fabulous scissors which Suzi could not have known except by some magic way. There is a book mark from Vermont with a covered bridge and a Maple Moose Lollipop. I get one of these everytime I visit my sister in Vermont. Again, Love. Last but not least 5 Hershey’s extra dark chocolates.

This could not have been more perfect. It’s like she knew me forever.

More later. It’s late and that little boy is not going to sleep very easily tonight.


3 thoughts on “It’s a Lacey Day”

  1. Candice Bloom

    We want to see more pictures of your daughter!

  2. Suzanne

    I am glad you like everything. I was in VT and was searching for some VT made chocolates but didn’t find anything in the shops I was in.

  3. Dq

    We need to have a GRAND OPENING EVENT!!! Have you announced it yet? Maybe not. Ok, then I won’t give it away, but, we’ll invite everyone on the mailing list, everybody you know, all the fiber stores, clubs, groups, guilds and circles in the Tri-States!!!(Can I come?) We’ll invite your banker, your small business person, The Chamber of Commerce in the county and … well, maybe NOT the goats and alpacas, But I’m sure we can come up with more… Every spinster within ear or blog shot.

    It can be a very wooly night, but we should start in the daytime, maybe. You’ll need to come up with some trinket or tolken to give away, that will keep them coming back, something everyone will want to tell their friends about. Offer some door prizes that will stir more business, maybe lessons for you and a friend. You want to include the friend, because… I don’t spin or weave, but if you invited me to learn how, I’d do it and I now I’d be hooked. And the winner MUST bring the second person, You can blame it on me. It would be like raffling off a pr of shoes and giving only 1.

    Then for all the people who DON’T come, send them something later.

    A month or so later, have another GRAND OPENING on your website, with picutres of the store grand opening. On the website offer that same goodie to those that come into the store, and something a little less, for those who make a purchase in the first month of business.

    As your Marketing Manager, you can add 8% to all my receipts. I’m all a bout making a profit, you know that, honey.

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