It’s a Mystery to Me

Here are pictures of my lame attempt at Navajo Plying. I suck at it. Yesterday though Betty showed me a great beginner way to do it. It’s more of a stop and go method but she said that after a little practicing I’ll actually be able to peddle at the same time as plying.
We’ll see.

I’m getting ready for my Grand Opening Party on Saturday. I’m going to pick up some lovely little desserts in Dearborn on Friday with Dana. My mom gave me some crazy thing for Christmas that nobody can identify. I’m having a contest on Saturday for the most original guess – as judged by me – of what the thing is. The prize for that is a $25.00 store gift certificate. Also there will be three drawings for prizes. One is a lovely little bag full of wool – a sampler of sorts, one is a beautiful rug hooking kit that is a $136.00 retail value, and finally is 2 free spinning lessons for the winner and a friend (total of four lessons). I won’t be teaching Navajo Plying though.

I have a huge amount of work to get done this week as far as organizing and getting gifts ready. Anybody who comes will get a little bag of wool and a cute candy cane.

I think it will be a fun day and I think I will be exhausted by the end.

This morning is cleaning the house for the Christmas tree and then off to the shop.

Maybe a little internet contest is in order as far as my Christmas present goes. I’ll take some pictures today.


6 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery to Me”

  1. KnitterBunny

    Oh, man. I wish I could come up to see your store opening. I have to work on my final projects for class all weekend, and I did just spend quite a bit in Michigan last week. 🙂 and yet 🙁

  2. textilejunkie

    Best of luck with the grand opening, hopefully all goes smoothly and your sanity remains in check 🙂

  3. jillian

    What are your hours on Saturday , so we can come & SHOP!

  4. Laura

    good luck with your store opening! it sounds as though it will be big fun.

    and, oh yeah, GO BUCKEYES! 😉

  5. MeatGel

    I wanna see a picture of the thing you can’t identify. If mom gave it to you, it’s most likely mine!

  6. Lou

    I saw it and it’s not a banjo.

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