Just Like a Real Shop

Shelly Lampshire is here all weekend doing Henna and body paint out in front of the shop. Stop by and meet her. She’ll be teaching Needle Felt Sculpting on the first Saturday of December and she’s fantastic and fun.

And also, We got our new signs today. There are still a couple more to come but these are the focal points:-)

Mmmm Hmmmmm
I love them! Almost like a real grown up I am!


21 thoughts on “Just Like a Real Shop”

  1. InJuneau

    ZOMG, those signs are AWESOME!

  2. Susan

    Squeee! And I'm not a squeee girl usually. Those windows are so cute!

  3. Naomi

    It DOES look like a real shop! Not that the retreat shop looked bad, but that…is clearly more Real.

    And thanks for showing how the signs work–I hadn't seen that before.

  4. Julie

    looks great! now people can find you! need to move a little closer to Ohio, tho.

  5. Lynn

    OMG, I LOVE those sheep signs! Fantastic!

  6. elise blaine

    those signs are awesome!!!!!!! looks sooooo fun!

  7. Brooke

    I, too, must say I love those signs! They're so adorable. 🙂

  8. CJ

    Those signs are fabulous! Can't wait to see them in person.

  9. Anonymous

    Beth , I think the signd are FANTASTIC!! over the top cool! They will really get alot of attention…hope they boost biz at least 50% more foot traffic. hope to see you soon . D @ fuzzyfiberfarm

  10. Christine

    That calls for a new word amazificant, far better than amazing and magnificent. Way impressed!

  11. Mary Beth

    I've been lurking about your blog and I really want to visit!! Those signs are adorable!
    I'm going to have to plan a road trip…that's all there is to it. Only 4 hours away!!
    Mary Beth

  12. Sharon

    I love the signs…awesome!

  13. bethanyg

    Ah! Awesome!

    Wait, I thought I was the other Beth?!!?

  14. Ezara

    I love the new signage! The sheeps are too cool and totally bleat "The Spinning Loft"!

  15. Jennifer

    LOVE the shop signs!! They are SOOOO Fun! Congratulations!

  16. cathy

    Omigosh, *nobody* could resist goimg into a shop with signs like that! 🙂

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