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We left for St Louis on Wednesday evening. We stopped in Okemos for Mongolian Barbecue. Then back on the road to head to Illinois for a hotel stay. The roads were quite icy and I can’t believe how many accidents we saw. Every overpass was solid ice and it was slow going. After about an hour and a half we were back to normal speeds and got to our hotel around 11:30 I think. Next morning we were up and going on to the Gateway to the West.

Thursday there were two hockey games. Notice how high we are. We were located in the very last row of Scottrade Center. I got a little dizzy from it. But I did bring my knitting. Unfortunately I didn’t knit at the arena because Ryan was making me very nervous with his jumping around and leaning and moving. I was sure he would fall – he didn’t.
Michigan State won the CCHA championship. BOO! All of the games were very good and the Michigan State Goalie is great. It’s just that you can’t be a true Wolverine fan if you can ever be happy that State wins anything.
It was freezing cold the whole time and a lot of the activities were outside but we did it anyway and the weekend was really a lot of fun.
I did finish the Broadripple socks finally. And they fit. And I like them. And my mom isn’t getting them.
Also, check out the ghostly white legs. Yup, that is my normal color four seasons of the year.

Love them. I need to start another pair right away. I started knitting these last August. 8 months. The reason I should start knitting right away is because at this rate I will wear this pair out before I get the next ones finished.

And now for something completely different. Here are some pictures we downloaded from Lou’s camera today. This one looks like the top pf the roll top desk and some chapstick and the printer.

Here is the desktop computer on the desk from a top view.

A view of Lou’s office. This looks a bit high doesn’t it?

Hey, a little hand.

Looks like pajamas and an object I can’t make out.

Are those footie pajamas standing on Lou’s laptop?
Somebody was trying out the camera when we weren’t looking.


11 thoughts on “Look at This Stuff”

  1. Knitika

    Hi Beth, the socks look fabulous! They look like any foot would be glad to spend time in them. I was laughing, hard, at your unexpected photos. Footies on a laptop… oh my.

  2. Lisa

    Great looking socks! I have always wanted to try that pattern. Maybe I will make them with my own new handspun!!!!! Thanks to you, I actually have some of that now. Woo hoo!

    Love the little stinker pics!

  3. hesira

    Great socks. I love the color.

    What a funny surprize in your camera!

  4. Tracey, in MI

    admissible in court those pics- I believe…. standing on the lap top– hmmm I haope thst hasn’t happened here— but in all likely-hood it probably has- without photographic evidence;)

  5. Tracey, in MI

    admissible in court those pics- I believe…. standing on the lap top– hmmm I haope thst hasn’t happened here— but in all likely-hood it probably has- without photographic evidence;)

  6. Kate A.

    Why, oh why, am I reading about icy roads in April? I am not in Russia (not the last time I checked, although NYC does resemble Moscow in smell, dirt, and crowdedness). Argh.

    However. Broadripple socks are a mighty powerful antidote to icy roads, methinks.

    The pictures totally made me laugh out loud here at my temp job (it’s okay, I’m eating lunch at my desk, so nobody has cause to complain!) The hand looks like the nose and mouth of a very old man in profile, don’t you think?

    PS – I’m going to be in Michigan in August!! (!!)

  7. Redford Phyl

    I think Ryan needs his own camera. And a few lessons. But the socks look great.

  8. historicstitcher

    Love the photo-story!!! Toby got a hold of a camera once when he was small and I saved the photo-story because it was so neat!

    My laptop was sat upon by a visiting little body. They have no concept of “fragile”, do they?

    And the socks look great, too.

  9. Carrie

    What great pictures! I love when kids get ahold of the camera. Oh, and you took some nice shots, too =) Looks like you had some fun!

  10. Marie

    LOL! That last picture HILARIOUS!! Thanks I needed that laugh! What a creative little guy!

  11. Nora's Lulu

    Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve seen buster in a while. Did he disappear after the step-on-lap top photo was revealed?

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