Lovely Gifts

So this is the chocolate for today. it was just a plain milk chocolate wrapped in gold foil. Course it’s not very plain if it’s Godiva, right? I know that my pictures have been a little yellow looking lately but I feel crappy and I’m in bed and it’s dark outside soooo….yellow lamp light.
Here’s a really bad picture of my really lovely birthday presents. I felt very special on Tuesday night. I was beginning to feel sick and Lou had gone to Delaware and then come these darling girls with presents for me. I don;t know why they think of me but I feel so lucky and special that they do. There are earrings and handmade soaps and soft yarn and lotions and love – and a red velvet cake that is all gone.
Even a lovely plant that I plan on trying to keep alive for as long as possible. It’s not my specialty but I plan to try.

Thank you so much Michelle and Rita and Mary and Michelle and Tricia and Michelle and Sarah and Spence and Cindy and Chelsea and Abby and Abby’s sister-who-I-can’t-remember-her-name-right-now. You all made my 30-13th birthday feel very special.


2 thoughts on “Lovely Gifts”

  1. Kate A.


    (looks like it sure was – yay! you deserve it!)

  2. Obsidian Kitten

    yay for presents!!!

    so great seeing you yesterday.

    i miss you when i don’t see you.

    feel better soon, k?

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