Mashed Potato Time

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Now, while we were on the East Coast for something unpleasant, there was some fun to be had. Ryan rode the tractor in my parents’ driveway.

Lou Rode the Tractor in my parents’ driveway.

Action Shot

We got to see my Grammy. Her name is Margaret. Everybody calls her Maggie. My name is Margaret. Nobody calls me Maggie. Maggie’s name is Margaret and, well, you get the picture. Maybe it just skips a generation. Isn’t my Grammy cute?
So, here’s a conversations for you.
Me: Hi Grammy, we’re going to pick you up and take you out to dinner tomorrow.
Grammy: Oh, that sounds good.
Me: Where do you want to go?
Grammy: You know me. I’ll go anywhere. If the car is going, I’ll hop in. If you guys are going somewhere I’ll just go where ever.
Me: How about Red Robin. I love that place.
Grammy: Oh……They don’t have mashed potatoes.
Me: OK where do you want to go?
Grammy: I’ll just go anywhere. You know me.
So I called my mom. Mom, where should we go for dinner? Grammy wants mashed potatoes. So my mom chose a steak place – Longhorn or something like that. They DO have mashed potatoes.
We drive to the restaurant and just as we’re driving up to it Grammy says “Oh, is that that steak place?…….” Then silence.
We ate our dinner which, of course, according to Grammy was too expensive and they didn’t give her enough mashed potatoes.
She’s a funny funny girl.
We had dinner with Mark and Deena. Lou is friends with Mark since high school. He sells season tickets for the Philadelphia Soul. You know, arena football. Deena is a school principal. We went to PF Chang’s. I love that place.
There was a lot of eating out while I was gone. I’m back on the diet again today.

Maggie lost another tooth while we were gone. 3 teeth, 3 dollars.

Lou and I both got our haircut by Gwendolynn. She cut my hair for years before we moved and she’s so sweet. If you live in the area go there. The shampoo girls are great and the scalp massages can’t be beat and they’re included in the price!

And, while I was gone my stuff was in the county fair. I got a gold ribbon award for the BFL skein that I spun on my Golding Spindle. All of this stuff will be going to the State Fair next and we’ll see what happens.

This is Lilly again. She’ll be in the State Fair too and then retire so I can actually wear her.

And the Qiviut. All in all not a bad year for the Fair.


8 thoughts on “Mashed Potato Time”

  1. Suzanne

    Congrats on the ribbons. I never think to enter anything in the local fairs. One is the largest in the state and is a mob scene so I don’t even go anymore. Hmm, may have to seek out smaller fairs.

    I hope the family is doing well.

  2. Kelli

    Congrats on your fair haul. 🙂

  3. Becky

    Look at all those ribbons! Beth, you rock! See you Saturday.

  4. Scherzando

    Wow, you’re amazing, woman!

    (And a buck for teeth? When mine fell out, the tooth fairy only gave me a quarter. Hmph.)

    (And I agree with Maggie about mashed potatoes. You never get enough!)

  5. Carrie

    Wow, what a great post! Good pictures, funny about Maggie and the potatoes. heehee. Congratz on sweeping the fair! That sounds exciting.

  6. Gammy aka Peggy

    Wow!!!! Your spinning is awesome!!!!! And really congrats on the ribbons.

  7. historicstitcher

    Had a good time on Saturday! Thanks for letting me sit in.

    And your pictures, while nice, simply do not do justice to the gorgeousness that is your spinning and knitting! That quiviut looks almost like a different skein in the picture – in real life it’s so…much MORE!!

    See you Thursday! Let me know if you need anything beore then!!

  8. Knitika

    Look at all your ribbons! Congrats, and so well deserved!

    Your Grammy and the mashed potatoes made me giggle.

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