Maybe Caffeine Would Calm Me Down

I know I’ve been short in the picture department lately. I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I also feel like my brain fell out which would be appropriate for a chicken with no head.
We went to home Depot last night to get a new door knob. I broke the last one which had to be at least 40 years old. While I was digging in my purse to find where I had last stuck that debit card I removed many items from my bag. One of those items was my key ring.
This morning I was rushing because Tuesday is Weight Watchers and also Maggie’s piano lesson and I was a little late because I had to talk to everyone including the queen. not that queen. Remember her royal highness of the brat kingdom? Anyway. It is my youngest sister’s birthday today so I called her and then my mom and then the phone started ringing and then it was past my normal leaving way too early time.
Where are my keys!!!!!!!!
Can’t find them anywhere.
Home Depot.
I called them. Yup they are there.
Call Lou. Can you come back toward home and stop at the orange place and pick up my keys?
I sort of recall something about keys and being rescued not very long ago.
Lou is going to Atlanta tomorrow until Friday. He is leaving me here alone with the kids. I don’t know if I am capable.
I went to WW and I am up 1.7 pounds. I know who did it. Cheese steaks and cheese steak hoagies and hoagies and delicious pizza. Philadelphia type food I do love.
Anyway the secret thing is going forward which might be part of my dizziness lately. Anyone know how to write a decent business plan?


3 thoughts on “Maybe Caffeine Would Calm Me Down”

  1. jessie

    Until we moved to this house (which has a box by the door) I never knew where my keys were. I once was 2 hours late picking my mother up at the airport because I couldn’t find them.

    I’m awfully curious about this whole business thing…. (If you were asking a serious question, you can get business plan advice all over the Internet.)

  2. hesira

    I totally feel for you about the keys. I have an ongoing problem with losing my keys, sunglasses, pens, etc.

  3. Kate A.

    If you find out where brains go to hang out when they’ve wandered off from their owners…let me know.

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