So there was no chocolate yesterday. I was exhausted after the shop and not feeling well and running to my local favorite sheep guy’s farm. Before I get into that I’ll tell you about today’s chocolate of choice.
Almond Praline Raindrop. Yummy.
Even pretty inside. Seriously it takes me like 15 minutes to choose which chocolate to have and there’s a whole process of elimination. I generally eat the milk chocolates first and there are still plenty of those to go.
Remember this beautiful guy from Rhinebeck? Well, he was a champion and I had reserved his fleece and we were finally able to get together so I could pick it up. Also, I am a sucker for the Wensleydale so I not only bought this beauty I also got two whites. One was a yearling and one is a first clip. While I was there I also may have gotten a jacob with the most beautiful Jacob crimp i’ve ever seen as well as the BFL that….well, let’s just say it will be hard not to hide it in the closet for my own use. (Don;t ask when that will be:-)

Anyway, none of these fleeces will be on display immediately because there will be a last year’s fleeces sale in March so there can be room for the new clips this spring. Details on the sale will be coming this week.
O.K. here’s the sock progress. Two socks on one circular. Not going to happen. Too tangly and too much scooting things out of the way. Big thumbs down for me.
I had cast on two socks on two circulars but I was doing it from both ends of this ball and that was not going to be pretty so I’m down to one sock on 2 circulars and you kow, I may like this. As youc an see I’m using one Holz and Stein and one Addi Turbo so I could tell the needles apart until I get used to this but it ain’t bad. So I will continue and this may be the secret for me. yay!!!!

K. Lou’s home. Gotta go.


5 thoughts on “MMMMMMM”

  1. Kate A.

    Will you stop with the chocolate and fleeces posts, already? It’s too much torture for a girl who’s currently way too far away to raid you for either….

    (very cool about the 2 circs working out, though!)

  2. Kim

    I’ve gained 2 lbs just looking at your chocolate posts! Sock looks great – keep going…keep going!

  3. knitterbunny

    I agree with the first poster. No more teasing of chocolate and fleece. I can’t take the pressure. (though I did finally spin a bit this weekend after a 3 month hiatus)

  4. Cary at Serenity Farms

    Hmmm….Sounds like you had a visit to Neil K.’s farm ;D I’ll be doing my own shearing in a few days and will have lots of fresh Corriedale and CVM to cuddle with for a few days ~ now that’s as good as chocolate, isn’t it?

    I certainly enjoy reading your blog (and hope that you feel better real soon!)

    Cary at Serenity Farms

  5. Littknits

    Is it just coincidental that that sheep is chocolate brown?!

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