Beth Smith

My Favorite Striped Suit

I came accross some photos of a suit I made for myself last winter that I have never shared with you! I had this striped fabric that I loved. I got it from and it sat in my sewing room for months while I himmed and hawed about what I was going to do with it. A jacket, a dress, a suit, different patterns and shapes. Should it be modern or retro? But then I came across a modern version of a retro jacket and I knew.

The jacket pattern has facings and is not lined. Often when this happens I just make a lining for it anyway but I was scrolling around Instagram and came to a post by Brooks Anne Camper about underlining. She directed me to her 3 part blog post about underlinings which gave me a better understanding of their uses and benefits and I knew that underlining the jacket and not using the facings provided in the pattern was going to be what I wanted to try..

I cut out the main fabric and the underlining pieces. I followed the instructions from the blog posts and basted to the outer pieces to the lining pieces. I had also decided to bind the seam allowances so I cut bias strips and enclosed the edges before I assembled the jacket.

All of the prep work took me a while to get finished but I think it turned out so beautifully both inside and out. What do you think?

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