I have a small collection of shuttles from a few different makers. I’ve also held quite a few in my hand at fiber festivals and shops. I know what I currently like. That’s not to say that my opinion won’t change over time but for now I can say what I like best.

I’m going to begin with Schacht Boat Shuttles. I like these I think because they are the ones I learned with. Similar to whether you prefer flat or curved hand cards, I think the ones the weaver  learns with will always hold a tender place in his/her heart. I have one standard boat shuttle which is the one in the back. It has some good weight. Two slim shuttle which are often my go to size and a mini boat shuttle which is nice for small projects and can be easily used on a rigid heddle loom.

Next Are the Schacht End Delivery shuttles. I love these! This was the beginning of better selvedges. I know that selvedges get better if you don’t touch them but I was having an issue with my fingers listening to my brain. When I switched to this shuttle things got better. Now the last couple of days I went back to the regular open boat shuttle and everything is great so I’m happy I worked with these. Plus the pirn holds a bunch of yarn. There is a learning curve to filling the pirns though so be ready for that.

These shuttles from a maker named Howell called Little Man Shuttles are fun, the weight is nice and the shape is nice. Sara Lamb recommended them to me a few years ago and I obviously do whatever she tells me. But I haven’t used them very much. I’m not sure if these are made anymore but the Woolery carries a shuttle that reminds me of these very much. They are called McFarland and when I saw them in person I was sure they were the ones I own.

I have this shuttle which I bought used and I have no idea who made it. I like how it feels in my hand. I should probably use it more. Practice makes perfect you know.




And this Leclerc Double Bobbin Shuttle which I’ve never used but I’m keeping it just in case.

I did have a Bluster Bay closed bottom boat shuttle for a while but I wasn’t a fan and I think that’s because of the way I hold and throw the shuttle. I felt out of control and the yarn would spin out off the bobbin. But I have been eyeing a Bluster Bay End Delivery Shuttle….

What are your favorite shuttles? I’m always happy to try new things.

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