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I met Ted in 2006 at Rhinebeck. Just before I bought the shop. I went to Rhinebeck and stayed at the Holididay Inn and on this very Blog I announced there would be spinning/knitting in the courtyard there each night. Ted and his friends showed up and we were fast friends.
So he was passing through during his vacation this past week and stopped by for some fun. He carded some wool he had dyed but didn’t like and he brought his knitted lace to show. Of course I didn’t take one picture but he left me the scarf from his most recent blog post. Spun and knit from Abby Batts. I’ve already worn it plenty even though it’s August. I have a feeling it will get plenty more use this winter.
Sandy stopped by for some Abby Batt huffing and…
the fabulous Kat was in for some fun.
No pictures of Redford Phyl who also came by, but I love her anyway. I’m having issues with remembering to take pictures. Too caught up in the moment I guess.

Spinning Spider Jenny and Jofran also came by for shopping and some lunch…but this time I got one picture. Cute huh?

I have to go make my list for the week….crazy weeks coming up but I will try to do better with the pictures.


5 thoughts on “My Friend Ted”

  1. I scream

    Ah isn’t it nice to see pals during the summer holidays. When Sept. comes though we must put our noses to the grind stone and get back to work. There’s SOAR stuff to do. Until then, meet you later for ice cream o.k.?

  2. you scream

    coldstone ice cream….

  3. We all scream....

    ice cream floats….


    a coldstone ice cream milkshake….

  5. Norskybear

    I’m jealous! Haven’t got to see Ted since Rhinebeck last year. Nice to see the shop doing so well.

    Go Buckeyes!


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