No way to fill you in…

on all the stuff that has happened since my last post. Let’s just say it’s been eventful and fun and busy and tiring and overwhelming and crazy and maddening and well you get the picture. I’ve been sick since last Wednesday and have had little to no voice for the last two days.
BUT! Lousmith is my hero.
Cause once again I got my favorite of all favorite Valentine’s gifts.
The large Godiva heart. I will make this last through March by having only one piece of candy per day. Delicious.

Tomorrow is my Birthday Party/Sale at the shop so if you are nearby stop in for some snacks and some fun and if you need some fiber there is a secret sale. If you aren’t nearby check out the website for a secret discount on the fibery goods:-)

Off to rest and hope my voice comes back.


2 thoughts on “No way to fill you in…”

  1. Lynn

    Oh, that heart would never last a month in my house – you have such will power! Get well and enjoy your your birthday!

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