Not Going Over in a Barrel

Or any other way for that matter.

Here I am remote blogging from Niagara Falls. I got my new laptop because the super secret stuff is actually going to happen and the bank said
I could have some money to make it happen.
Wanna know. Oh, Ok. I’m buying my own spinning store. Complete wiht weaving stuff and about 12,000 pounds of wool and other fibers in all their forms. WOOHOO! I’ll be working on the website soon to add some items for sale on the site.
This is the picture out our room window. That in the distance is the American Falls at Niagara Falls. It’s been raining all day so that’s the best shot you get. (The folded up bed is Sara’s. She didn’t want to sleep with either me or Kelle. Rude.)

There’s Kelle.

I’m working on this hat to go with my circle sweater. I need a hat to for my “I’m a square” button. I’m using the basic hat instructions from Stephanie. I can never remember how to get that swirly decrease cutest top thing and she tells me how to do it in Kitting Rules.

Here is the CD that my most thoughtful secret pal sent me. I love it. We listened to it almost the entire 5 hour drive today. As you can see my most thoughtful pal thought so well of me that she told me her name on the return address label. I love her so much that I am ignoring it.

I tried to spell check this and lost half of my post so here it is with no spell check and I’ll be back in a couple of minutes with the rest of my post.


5 thoughts on “Not Going Over in a Barrel”

  1. Kate A.

    Is it really raining, or is it just the splashing from the falls? 🙂

    Again – CONGRATULATIONS! I’m glad we get to enjoy one of the first perks – the remote blogging.

  2. Anonymous

    I never said the return address was mine 😀

    -your secret pal

  3. jessie

    Congatulations! This is great news. Here’s to your success and happiness!

  4. Nora's Lulu

    Ok, You know I have stuff to say, but I think me keeps puttin’ in in the wrong spot.
    Nora is CUTER than a button. I’ve sent you pic – Pixie Rose is my personal fav. I’m glad you didn’t come, cuz you’d have not gotten nottin’ done after that. She’s too darn cute. Your husband called me last night and, yes, I agreed to come over tonight. Glad you left town so I can go play at your house.
    Nora will be happy to greet you when you get back from Rhinebeck.
    Hey, I heard the spinning loft is changing hands soon. Know anything about that?
    Nora’s Lulu

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