I went to Ohio on Thursday and Friday. Took the kids and invaded Abby’s house for 2 days. I needed a couple of days away from feeling like I have to work all the time and so I made an excuse to go pick up my next batch of batts in person.
Abby’s house is evidently lucky cause I found my first 4 leaf clover of the season. My find rate has really decreased this summer. Too much working and not enough outside time.
We were walking through the back yard on our way to pet the horses and there it was. Plain as day. I don’t know why nobody else saw it.

Most of the time I did not have my camera so there are very few photos but we did make a video for Youtube about spinning on a top whorl spindle. As soon as it gets posted I’ll let you know.

I also got to meet and get acquainted with Cardzilla as Abby made the last few of the batts for my box.
Maggie just loved the Journey Wheel. I took my new Lendrum Saxony with me to show her off and so the Lendrum stayed in Ohio and the Bosworth came home with us. We will do a switch back next month. I hope I get to play with the wheel a little but so far the little girl can’t keep her hands off of it.
This si just a photo of a some ACRYLIC yarn I came across while snooping around the shelves. I’m in the land of cashmere and silk and here is plastic yarn. Just a little surprising.
This was the normal pose for Abby over the whole visit. Bossy.
So on Saturday I had the final class of the Breeds Study. I took this photo of Deb in front of the color and I just like it. So here it is.
Maggie’s been spinning up a storm lately. On the left is some wool that Abby gave her and she liked it so much she spun it up on Saturday. On the right is a novelty thick and thin yarn she wanted to try. This was a roving dyed by Amy King.
I think she’s really coming right along.So there are new batts in the web store. This particular color is Pond Scum. I did get to have one of these for myself.
This is one of the batts meant to keep me out of the batts for sale. I didn‘t make a note of what it is but I believe it is the same as the Peach Melba. I love it.
This is a braid of Karaoke dyed by Abby. I carry the Karaoke dyed by SWTC but I think it may not be available much longer so…the white I have in the shop may need some custom dyeing…stuff to think about.
I stuck this in my bag. Again I didn’t write down the fiber content. Feels like Cashmere
Some beautiful wool dyed by Abby.
These Batts are called Beth’s Problem – except these three have extra sparkle just for me:-)
This 2 ounces is 50/50 cashmere and silk. Named “Because of Love”. I have my tiny Bosworth Mini picked out to spin these lovelies.
And finally. Mr Abby cooked dinner for us. He started smoking ribs at 8AM and worked on them all day. They were the best ribs I have ever ever ever eaten. He let me bring them home and Lousmith concurred. I also bought some peaches from a little orchard near Abby’s house and so for dessert I had peaches with sugar and milk. So yummy.

Now my 15″ Schacht Flip loom is warped with handspun and I am weaving some samples with handspun singles. I want to see what will happen if I mix the Z and S twist singles softly beaten and more tightly beaten.

Coming up on Friday and Saturday are the Janel Laidman classes. She is just wonderful and if you haven;t seen her new book called Eclectic Sole you need to get your hands on a copy. I’m still waiting for the distributor to ship mine – hopefully this week. I do have one in my hands if you want to check it out.

So it’s going to be a busy week…and Denny is coming! Yes. Canadian Denny. Always a party.

Oh and some advance notice. On August 2nd Ted will be in the shop from opening to almost closing time. Come by and meet this fantastic blogger in person. We’ll be drum carding and spinning and lace knitting. He’s a great cotton spinner among all of his other spinning pursuits. Check out his blog and you’ll see what I mean.

K. off to do some reading with the kids.


6 thoughts on “O-H-I-O”

  1. ellenspn

    OMG…not only is it plastic but it OMBRE! Has the world come to an end? I have no explanation for it.

    Oh and have Abby make you some of that Primary Blur she has. Lovely stuff!

    Wish I could join ya’ll next weekend but my duties to my flyball team call.

  2. Abby Franquemont

    Omigod the secret shame pile! It’s even on top of a Robert Jordan book. Seriously though, I keep all kinds of things on hand. You never know. I suspect given the colours that my niece picked that out and wanted something made out of it.

    The batt to keep you out is 40% Cashmere/40% tussah / 20% Merino.

    The stuff that feels like cashmere is baby camel.

    The stuff Maggie got is a colourway called Dawn and is probably merino.

    That darker pink with purple and orange is Fruit Punch and I think I gave you merino.

  3. Ted

    MIGAWD ! Look at that wall of fibre.


  4. MIQuilter

    Now I know what the woman looks like who is always dyeing things that make me spend money!

  5. Stacie

    Oh Beth, I wish I lived closer. You have too much fun happening at and pretty things in your shop!

  6. Kate Hussein A.

    After reading through the whole post, I’m still laughing my head off about the acrylic, and the Robert Jordan. Not that I don’t have both here in my own home, oh no (in my defense, I’m not the one in this house who reads Robert Jordan!)

    I’m also laughing about “Beth’s Problem.”

    I’m also laughing about the box that recently arrived at my door, full of wool, including yummy Abby batts, and which still had an old label on the inside flaps that is addressed to you as “The Chick in Charge, Department of Wool Huffing.” hee hee. That famous Abby chick sure seems to know you very well!

    But hey, when are you going to come visit me in NYC??

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