On Ice Even

I’m so tired but I have these few pictures and I know you are all waiting with baited breath for the High School Musical ON ICE documentation. It was last night and we took Maggie and her best friend and also, of course, Ryan.

It was at the Palace in Auburn Hills where the Pistons play. When we got there the first thin g I noticed among the retired jersey numbers was this banner. Can’t read it?How about now? Bon Jovi had 10 sellouts. Crazy. I never even went to see him once -not even in Philadelphia. Yo.

So then the show started and it mostly looked like this. Sometimes there were more skaters and sometimes less. The kids all sang the songs and we bought popcorn for $7 each box and we did not buy the cotton candy for $12. Seriously. $12 for 30cents worth of sugar. Plenty of people got it though so…

And here are the BFFs. Cute aren’t they?
So the next thing is this. I was talking to plenty of people this past week bemoaning the fact that I have become a sample spinner. So I got an assignment from Abby to spin about 12 ounces of merino/silk and make a lacey cardigan. I immediately started to argue with her because of that beautiful Polworth I got at SOAR. Then I remembered the wool I need to spin and knit for a swap and then I was looking at A Gathering of Lace and remembered that I wanted to make the Vine Lace Cardigan by Sally Melville. And this rambling is really about how I am a sample spinner because I have spinner ADD and can’t focus.
So, here is the goal. this week I will spin the yarn for the swap. It’s only like 8 ounces. I will spin it and find a pattern. Next week I will spin and swatch for the Vine Lace Cardigan.
Problem is I also need to be blending some dog hair with merino and spinning that….
I’m getting tired just thinking about it.


6 thoughts on “On Ice Even”

  1. Brittney

    I thought you were going to put a video of Ryan singing and dancing? Anyway, I forgot yesterday was the UK Mothering Day. Happy mothering.

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds like your spinning and knitting projects are becoming more like work. You may be heading for BURN OUT.

    What is really important and what do you really enjoy relaxing with? Who really cares what, when or how much you spin and knit? Only Ewe!

    Wouldn’t you rather give the kids and hubby more hugs and attention. Aren’t they’re the ones who really matter?

    And as far as being a working woman, take the excess pressure off yourself and be reasonable in your expectations. EWEs have got to be in it for the long haul in order to be successful.

    So, go ahead and spit that BS out… rant all you want… but remember…

  3. Lisa

    I am sooooo with you on the ADD. This weekend I finally stopped thinking about ALL the projects that needed to be finished and just set a few SMALL goals. I got them all done! Yay. Now I am inspired to do that every day. If I know I have to finish just a couple of things, I won’t be so overwhelmed by all the possibilities. (By the way, one of my goals is to spin a little every single day this month. So far so good. Hehe, I want Beth, the spinning goddesss, to be proud of me.)

  4. Michelle

    Oh my gosh, how could you not be a sample spinner with all that beautiful fiber in your shop. I have spinning ADD too! I’ll spin the fiber on itself to realize what the producer was after… then I just HAVE TO get imaginative and try it with this or that. Who would have thought crazy color combinations would look so cool. BTW, we didn’t have half the variety of exotic fibers ten years ago…

  5. Redford Phyl

    Don’t talk ADD. I have 3 different socks going, 4 shawls, a couple of scarves, and I trying to decide which needles to use to start yet another scarf with some gorgeous merino/silk that I wound last night. I’m convinced that it’s the fiber fumes that lead us in so many directions.

  6. Michelle

    Ok, I’ll admit it too……I am an ADD Spinner and of course Knitter, Crocheter and Loomer too! Awwww shucks, I’m really just a crafting junkie with ADD! LOL
    I can’t tell you how many projects that I have started….WIP are my forte!!!!

    Sounds like you’re normal to me Beth!

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