I’m loving this new Friday tradition of picking out an old post to talk about.

Today’s post comes to you all the way from November 28, 2006. By this time I have been spinning for about 5 years. I was the proud owner of a spinning store for a total of 30 days. I had never before tried to chain ply. I was a two ply only girl for all of that time. It wasn’t a thing that my teacher taught and it wasn’t really on my radar.

Even though 2006 was only 11 years ago, YouTube was only a year old, so the video resources were few and far between. Facebook was only for college students. MySpace was big but wasn’t a place adults hung out….

So anyway, I decided to try chain plying and you can see my results were not awesome. Overspun in some places and underspun in others. Betty, who I was still taking lessons from periodically, showed me a park and draft kind of thing to make it work.

And I kept at it. I ruined plenty of singles trying to get it right. And then I read something or heard something…I can’t remember where but it was within the next few months…It was about controlling the twist.

As soon as I began using my forward hand to control the twist things began to click. I moved my lazy kate to a comfortable place to grab the next yarn and things fell into place. It was like magic. Just that one hint of controlling the twist with my forward hand!

I don’t have a video of my method but I found the Knitgirllls have one and it is almost exactly what I do.

Have a happy Friday. Eat all the leftovers! Also, Only 2 more days to get in the drawing for the Spin and Weave Along. Comment on that post, and sign up for the spin/weave along newsletter to make sure you get all the details.

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