I’ve decided to do a post on Fridays called Pick of the Week. How it will work is each Friday I will go into the post archive and find a post to highlight and talk about.

Today’s choice is called “This Could Be Dangerous” from September 2006.

There are a ton of things going on in this very short post about trying to spin a bit of Border Leicester I had bought in 2005 during my first trip to Rhinebeck. I remember that trip. I bought a bunch of handfuls of different kinds of wool that I hadn’t had access to. I bought the Spinning Loft in October of 2006 so I didn’t own the 30 fleeces that came with that store yet but even at this point I was wool curious.

Here’s what I learned at this point:

The 24 inch wheel felt much faster than the 22 inch diameter of my Ashford Traditional even though I had the lace flyer/whorl on the Traditional.

I loved combing and a still do. All of the options available for different yarns from fiber that you comb is awesome and I think combing makes a very versatile prep.

I was not so good at choosing fleeces yet. But everybody starts somewhere and those mistakes are just as important as the successes to make one better at anything.

I talked about how this Schacht Reeves 24 inch wheel was high maintenance and picky and yes, I think there are more slight adjustments but again, with practice I became a pro and we became very good friends. At this point I had only had that wheel for a couple of months.

Also, I was much less wordy in the year 2006. lol

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