Pictures but not much to say

I had big plans for posting all week! You can see for yourself how those plans turned out. So here’s a picture from Wednesday. On the left is Maple also known as Alpaca Granny. You may remember one of my pal packages had some alpaca fiber from her. I’ve been reading her blog for some time now and she came to meet me -hee.

On the right is Sharon Winsauer – you know her, Pegasus, Heere be Dragone.
So there they were, in my shop, two girls who I love and look up to. Lovely Wednesday.
Then the Navajo Weaving class came in. Remember how on Saturday they had nothing. Three days later and they’ve come a long way.
The colors are great and they are catching on to this weaving very quickly. It’s just amazing to me. I can’t add another project so, no, I’m not taking the class.
On Friday I went to the shop to get some work done and to meet Kelli. She was coming up for the Knitterpalooza meetup and asked if she could come in. Who am I to say no? t was really fun to see her and it was so fun that I took no pictures. I’m hoping she’ll put one up soon. Anyway, I was busy putting together my little packages for the SOAR goody bags. I’m making little kits to Kool Aid dye silk hankies – It was Erika’s idea to do the whole kit thing. I was just going to stick a brochure and a couple of hankies in a bag. Good thing I’ve got a good friend.
So then Erika was at my shop on Saturday and she finished plying this lovely silk. I think it’s about 655 yards and weighs approximately 4 ounces. It’s beautiful. AND she gave it to me. I need a good project for 650 yards of laceweight variegated yarn. Any suggestions?
Here’s a close up beauty shot.
And here’s a Kool Aid Dyed skein of silk made from 5 silk hankies. It’s a beautiful thing too.

The Highland Triangle is coming along but it looks sort of the same as last time. The Feather and Fan shawl has seen no progress whatsoever. I’m off to make some progress on something.


4 thoughts on “Pictures but not much to say”

  1. Kate A.

    Now there’s a high goal for me to set my sights at for my silk hankies…the bits and pieces I’ve spun so far are…very “artistic.” But I have hope!

    Did you have trouble getting the silk to take up the kool-aid dye? Mine were running and running and I finally got tired and gave up, but I’m scare of what will happen when I wash it again after spinning. Maybe I should try microwaving them some more? The Wensleydale took the dye SO easily and perfectly…but maybe the silk just needed more heating time and I was too impatient?

    And what combination of kool-aid flavors did you use to get that gorgeous subtle color?? My colors are pretty, but…not subtle. 🙂

  2. Kelli

    Hi Beth! I put up a post today with lots of pictures. 🙂 You looked so cute in one, I had to put it up.

  3. Donna B

    No ideas for your pretty silk, but I enjoyed looking at it! Do you have Victorian Lace Today? It has a lot of good patterns….I want to knit half of them!

  4. Lisa

    Oh what a beautiful gift skein. I hope you find the perfect project for it. Maybe a special shawl?

    Isn’t Maple just a sweetie? I met her at Allegan and just loved her!

    Weaving looks like so much fun, but like you, I definitely don’t need any more projects. Kudos to you for resisting!

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