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Weight loss – so far so good. I was hoping to get to 10 pounds by this morning’s weigh in but the good news is there was no eating of Fritos last night. I called my sister for moral support.
Me: I really want to eat Fritos
Tammy: No amount of Fritos is going to make you feel better.
Me: But they are really crunchy and yummy.
Tammy: Crunchy now, Flabby later.
Me: Fine.
I had not even one Frito. I knew that one always tastes like another.

I got my Handspun Sock Yarn from my pal like a week ago. I have been neglecting to post it because of a bad case of lazy.

Here it is. The pink one is the handspun. It is from Rebecca and I love it. She apologized for it and said she is new. I think it is great. She also sent some yarn that she dyed herself. Also, LOVE.
Here’s a closer picture. I can’t wait to knit with this stuff.
Remember this from here?

And it turned into this. Easter egg dyes.

I was spinning over the last two days and I got this.
I know. It’s a bit uneven but I was experimenting with inchworm method as opposed to long draw as opposed to a kind of modified long draw.
I think I like to do a modified long draw myself.
I feel like I get a more uniform thread.
Here’s a beauty shot. I love the colors in it. When I pulled it out of the pot I really was not that happy but the way it came together I love it.
It’s a superwash merino so I’ll probably keep it for socks.
I have gotten about 18 inches done on my weaving. I warped for a six foot shawl. I’m really getting the hang of it though and the weaving is going faster.
In addition to all of this I started my Forest Path Stole. Faina has a lace knitting group that meets about 30 minutes from here on the first Monday of every month. I’ve been invited to join and since I’ve been eyeing this pattern for several years I thought I’d start it now when i can get advice straight from the designer. I’m using that yarn that has only Japanese writing on the label and I can never remember what it’s called. Anyway, it’s Angora and Cashmere so the shawl should be delightful to wear.
Also, I have a question about decreases and I’ve been meaning to do some swatch knitting to find out the answer but I’ll ask here. If anyone would know, you guys would.
On a SSK decrease, does it work the same to do a knit two together through the back loops?
Just wondering.


4 thoughts on “Plenty of Projects”

  1. Debi

    Hi Beth, thanks for the compliments on my new yarn 🙂

    Since you’ve already started your FPS, if you think the yarn is too thin stop now before you’re in too deep!!

    SSK if done like this: s1 as if to k, s1 as if to purl, k2tog tbl is very similar to the K2tog tbl. Sharon Miller of Heirloom Knitting fame recommends the K2tog tbl over the SSK because sh feels it more mirrors the K2tog. HTH 🙂

  2. Paula

    Like the SSK the K2 tbl will be a left-leaning decrease but it will have a twist at its base while the SSK will not.

  3. Marie

    Love your yarn! It spun up gorgeous like! Weaving…did ya say weaving?! Please show pictures..I am mentally blocked on my project…don’t know if I show push on or cut off (GASP!)

  4. hesira

    The yarn is really beautiful. I like the pic of the wool in the dye, too.

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