I’ll begin this post by saying that if you are planning on going to Disney, wear a crown or a tiara. you won’t be sorry. Maggie and I did it last time and Dana and I did it this time and it is extremely fun! Don’t even think about it. If grown men can walk around with Mickey Mouse ears then you can certainly wear a tiara to the parks. We even wore ours on the plane for safe transport. It was out birthday trip. I am turning 50 this month and Dana will be 55. Our birthdays are one day apart and we’ve been friends for almost 16 years. These milestone birthdays needed a bigger celebration than our usual going out to dinner.

meanddana1This is what our faces looked like for almost the entire 4 days.

OK. Down to business. I’m home and I’m trying to get back to work.


I have plans for making things this year and so I’ve been emptying bobbins to get ready I had one and a half bobbins of this. I believe it’s Masham that was dyed by Southern Cross Fiber. Seriously, I need to get better at labeling things that I’m spinning for my own personal use. Anyway, I probably made these singles aboout a year ago – maybe more. But I need the bobbin space. So I plied the bobbins together and this halfish of a bobbin is what was left.

So I had a few choices here. I could Andean ply the stuff or make a center pull ball or wind off about hald to another bobbin and do a straight 2 ply.

Last week I had a bit left on a bobbin. Not nearly as much as this and decided to Andean Ply the rest.

Andean Plying

I wound it on my hand until things started to be uncomfortable and then moved the bracelet to my wrist and started winding again until I had wound it all off the bobbin. You can see it’s a lot of yarn.

Since this bobbin was bigger and I wasn’t feeling that industrious I used my ball winder and wound it into a center pull ball.

Mashamsoutherncross6 Mashamsoutherncross5

Ignore the broken nail please.

This yarn was pretty cooperative since it had been sitting around for so long but the key to energized or relaxed yarn is always keeping that center hole open so everything doesn’t collapse on itself. I use my thumb for that. I use my forward hand to control the twist from going to far back toward the ball and the fingers on my yarn holding hand to control the tension of both strands. It can be a bit of a struggle sometimes and you can’t expect to treadle as quickly as you do when you are just plying straight from a bobbin.


These are the skeins after plying. The one on the left where the colors are lining up is the one plyed from the center pull ball and the one on the right is the one from the bobbins. Normally, I would do a little ply back sample and try to match the twist in the sample. To do this with yarn that has been de-energized like this I take a strand, ply it back on itself and put it in some water. As soon as it hits the water, the energy starts to come back. I let it stay there for at least 5 minutes (15 is best but I’m always in a hurry) and then i can see about what the fresh ply back would have looked like.  I didn’t do that with this yarn because I knew that this was my relaxation spinning and so I’m very familiar with the twist that I put in when I’m not thinking too much so I knew what kind of ply twist I was going for.

That night before I went to bed I put the skeins in to soak. Because this was a long wool, I knew that I had spun it with a worsted short forward draw so my finishing method was just a bit of snapping so i didn;t fluff them up too much. I laid them flat on the floor to dry and like magic! Everything was beautiful in the morning.



I have a few more bobbins to empty. we’ll see what happens. Maybe I should weave this yarn….

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