Princess of Quite A Lot

Not only am I the winner, I now own my own spinning and weaving store! As I told my friend Dana today, just call me princess.
O.K. so the website is a little….well let’s just say it could use a little of my touch. I’d like it to be less wordy and more simple. And maybe more girly. And colorful.
Enough about the website already. By the end of December I hope to have things posted for sale but until then if you are looking for something email me or call me and I can stick it in the mail for you.
The first thing I want to do is rearrange the shop a little. There are bags and bags and bags of fleeces and fiber and roving and I need to figure out a better display for them. I will have pictures of this as it progresses. I’ll take some tomorrow.
It was a good first day though because I sold my first wheel. It was the Baynes. Not my very favorite but the lady loved it and it will be living in Georgia.
You should see all the silk, and the angora, and the cashmere. It’s like heaven for me in there. And it’s mine.
The first Tuesday of the month is going to be Fiber Free For All. It’s just a project night where anyone can come and work on anything. I plan to have some snacks and warm stuff to drink.
O.K. I have to get in the shower. I’m stinkin’ myself out. Like anybody needed to know that.
Good Night.


7 thoughts on “Princess of Quite A Lot”

  1. elizabeth

    Wow!!! Good luck on your new business!

  2. Gina

    Congratulations Beth! This is such exciting news. I couldn’t be even a little bit happier for you!!

  3. Amy

    WOW! That’s great. I’ll have to make the trek out and see you sometime.

  4. k.

    Congrats! That is exciting news. Best of luck and let me know when you’re putting some of that yummy silk roving up on your site for sale….

  5. hesira

    Congratulations on the new store. That’s really exciting. Will you be selling yarn as well as raw fiber?

  6. Paula

    Congratulations! Michigan isn’t so far away; I may come and check out your new store in the spring or summer. Will you still be having the dye workshops mentioned on the website?

    It was great to meet you at Rhinebeck. I hope to get to MS&W too.

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