Yesterday 2 people I admire did blog posts about similar things that made me think about what I was doing right at the moment that I read them. First I read a post by Melanie Falick that was about risk that I came across on Facebook because Clara Parkes  pointed it out. Then, soon after I read a post by my darling friend Jillian Moreno about finishing up her big project.

Both of these posts hit a nerve with me. I was sitting in my chair. See how the tv is right there and I’ve moved the

20150917_082737loom into the living room? See how I can’t ignore the loom very easily if I’m looking at the tv?

I’m in the early stages of a ginormous project that has been percolating in my brain for at least 2 years. I finally decided to move forward with it. I’m going to be making skirts. I am actually making yardage from handspun yarn and I’m going to make skirts from it. The current skirt is made from Columbia. I’ve spun about 6000 yards of 2 ply yarn. No problem. I put that yarn on the loom. That was ok. Took a little while to get up the nerve and past the worry that my yarn wasn’t strong enough but so far so good.

But yesterday I sat and stared at the loom for a while. There are 4 yards of warp on there and I had about one yard woven. But I couldn;t make myself move from my chair to the loom. Why? Because I don’t have a pattern for the skirt I want to make and I can’t find one so I have to make my own. I’ve never made my own pattern before.

There are tutorials on the internet for how to make a six gore skirt – which is what I want to use. I know they are there because I’ve pinned them on Pinterest on my sewing board.

I bought some muslin fabric and some interfacing to use for pattern making. I bought some chalk for drawing the pattern. I have everything I need. Except the confidence.


20150917_104113So here’s what’s going to happen because Amy King said so. Today I am going to make a pattern and I will make a muslin to see if it fits. And I will report back. Then, I’m hoping to have the fabric woven by the end of the weekend. And then by the end of the month I hope to have a skirt made from my own handspun, handwoven fabric.

While I do it I will be having a Cinderella marathon. She will be reminding me to have courage…and be kind (maybe to myself today).

If anything goes wrong, I’ll let you know. If it goes right, I’ll tell you that too. I’m not going to let fear stop me from trying. So thank you Jillian and Clara and Melanie for the kick in the pants.

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