Beth Smith

Ready for Spring: This beautiful vintage style outfit with a modern flair.

I wanted to make a cropped jacket that gives an impression of the 1950’s with a modern feel.

A few years ago I was on a trip and found a beautiful directional print with brightly colored wild flowers . It has been on my shelf waiting for the persfect project. And this cropped jacket with a matching skirt was just the thing.

Unfortunately I bought only 3 yards of the fabric and there isn’t anymore that I could find.

I used one edge of the fabric for the jacket and the other edge to make the gathered skirt. It was important to choose a gathered or pleated skirt for this fabric so that the print would remain in the correct direction. Nobody wants to see sideways growing flowers.

When it was close to finished I realized that the skirt was a little shorter than I prefer. I do like a full hem but I don’t like worrying about a breeze blowing the skirt up when Ieast expect it. So what was there to do except head to the fabric store and see if I could find some trim.

Watch this video to see the finished ooutfit that I think I will be wearing a lot over this spring and summer then leave a comment and let me know if a jacket a skirt is something you would be interested in. I am considering adding these jackets to my webstore.

If you love a gathered skirt I am excited to make one for you! Head over to the gathered skirts and reserve your spot today. I am currently taking reservations for skirts to make at the end of April and the early part of May.

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