I think I am finished except for some floor cleaning and that kind of stuff. Ryan’s room was moved to where my fiber room was. The fiber room was moved downstairs and the room that Ryan was in is now a guest room for when my kids come home or I have visiting teachers.

We will start with the new fiber room. Ikea is my friend and all the fiber is in the Ikea cubes.
Most of my spindles are on top of the cubes in front of the window. I am one of those people who can’t remember what I have. So if I don;t see it I don;t have it. This is a good system for me because it is all out there now. not to say i won’t buy more but I won’t duplicate as much.
The kids can still eat breakfast at the counter and we are all happy.
The closet holds all of my yarn in those sweater holders that hang in the closet. There are 4 of them. I also have 4 kitchen garbage bags full of fiber and yarn and bits of stuff to give to Denny when she gets here.
This is the new guest room. I like it but think something is missing to make it more comfortable. This is the room that has all of my craft books and my fabric is almost all in those closets and the cedar chest. The dress in the corner is part of my wedding dress.
The mural on the wall was painted by my mom. She is very talented.
Just a shot of the window wall.
And a picture of a wedding picture if you want to see what the whole getup looked like. Brittney was a bridesmaid and Chelsea was my flower girl. In April they will be 24 and 23. And Lousmith is still just as handsome.
My mom made all the dresses and my hat and the flowers. Some of you will meet the crazy woman next month at the retreat. (Which, by the way, has 2 spots still open)


9 thoughts on “Rearrange”

  1. Mardi

    I don't see any fleeces – where are you hiding those? I find fleece storage to be the most challenging, the darned plastic bins take up so much room!

    Between you and Abby, I'm feeling guilty for being so behind on my spring cleaning.

  2. Janice in GA

    Oh, that looks awesome! I'm like Mardi — need to get on with my OWN spring cleaning/rearranging!

  3. Beth

    The fleeces are in the tall shelf on the right side of the top photo. I should have taken a picture of that too. They are only the special-est ones. there are a few more in the garage.

    I'm not tellin' what a few means.

    I hate bins. Shelves are better. The fleeces in the shop are on the same kinds of shelves as in my fiber room and they stay on there very well.

  4. Lynn

    What your craft room is missing is … ME!

    Sigh. That room looks great. I wish I were going to Sara Lamb's class. I wish I were going to the retreat. I think I'll just go curl up into an unhappy little fiber-covered ball now…

  5. Abby Franquemont

    aw man, what, no more buzz lightyear pillow?

  6. Susan

    The natural light in your fiber room is amazing! It looks so inviting to just cuddle up with a project.

  7. MeatGel

    That bed needs a darker comforter. A Darker comforter will look warmer, cozier. And a spigot for a continuous flow of hot chocolate. 🙂

  8. Ezara

    Your craft room looks awesome! I love the natural lighting, the storage, the layout. It looks so inviting.

    The guest bedroom is darling. The mural on the wall is beautiful as is your wedding dress.

  9. cathy

    Your fiber room looks *perfect*. (A lot of my fiber is living in overgrown heaps on top of baskets. 🙂 For the guestroom — as beautiful and welcoming as it already is! — a bedside lamp might add that little extra something.

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