I’ve been thinking about things that so

me people may have a hard time with in spinning and weaving. There have been several of them for me along the way. Sometimes it’s terminology, sometimes it an be fear of failure and sometimes it’s just a mental block.

I’ve had 2 major blocks in my spinning and weaving life. Lots of little ones but two big ones I want to talk about today.

One of the big road blocks I had came after I had been spinning for 7 or 8 years. I’ve never been a person who does things in a small way and so I was spinning for a sweater. Three ply which I love. At the time a sweater felt like a big project…little did I know what would be happening with spinning for yardage. LOL.

Anyway, I was on the phone with Abby Franquemont. Just talking about nonsense and I said to her in my most serious and sincere way – “so, I want to increase my spinning speed. I know you are a really fast spinner. How can I get faster?” Know what she said? This is an exact, word for word quote. “Just spin faster!” I of course laughed and probably caller her a jerk or something.

But, here’s what I did when I hung up the phone. I treadled like lightening and paid attention to my hands to make sure they were going to keep up. And I was spinning faster. All of a sudden. Something I wasn’t sure I could do just a few minutes before.

Since then I’ve improved the way I do production spinning but that was the beginning of it. Abby cleared my block for me. So, do you need a friend to push you a little? I’m happy to help.

And that leads me to my next story. But that’s a story for tomorrow. In the meantime, think about what kinds of spinning road blocks you might have. I’m happy to talk about them and help you get past them. Leave me a comment.


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