I had a whole other post planned for today but I need help so I’m going in a different direction and I’ll talk to you about sewing classes later this week.

OK. So, for at least 194 years I have been trying to figure out how to do a better job at getting all of the things done that I want to get done in a day. I know that one part of being better at getting all of the things done is to build a routine that makes a lot of things automattic in my day. but I have a lot of issues. So let me tell you what I know I’m doing wrong and then I’ll tell you what I want to happen in a perfect world and then I’m going to ask you to help me figure out what I should do to move forward.

There are two big things that I know need to change but they are habits I’m having a hard time breaking.

  1. I spend too much time in the morning looking at my phone screen. First I Check out Instagram and what happened overnight there. Some mornings I have messages to answer and often there are a ton of inspiring things. Then I run on over to Facebook to see who loves me and what drama is happening. Then I check my email accounts and then send a few notes to Amy and maybe my sisters. Then I go back to Instagram because I’m sure I missed something. Before I know it an hour is gone.
  2. The second thing I know that has to change is my tv watching. I go up to my room at around 7PM and get in bed with my planner and a book I want to read and sometimes my computer and I intend to get some work done but I also turn on the tv. I love watching tv. I have a ton of shows that I record and so recently I’ve found myself staying up until midnight or later watching my shows.

Let me tell you why these things need to change if you don’t already know. I’m not good at working after about 3 PM. Never have been. I know this about myself. So, if I want to have plenty of time to get work done during the day I need to be up and moving by 7 AM at the latest. Watching TV until after midnight guarantees I’m going to be too tired and want to lay in bed for a long time. The phone screen in the morning doesn’t help things because I’m doing it from the very comfy and warm spot in my bed.

I have several very well known and successful women telling me to stop it but I don’t listen. I will tell you who they are so maybe you can listen/not listen to them too.

Amy King, master dyer and boss of Spunky Eclectic. She is actually calling me and telling me what to do several times per week.

Rachel Hollis is consistently reminding me to follow my dreams and that procrastinating on the morning isn’t going to get me there.

Mimi G has her Business Shet podcast that is full of good advice and she doesn’t sugar coat anything.

Tabitha Sewer has several platforms on Instagram where she is pushing me to be better. She would be so disappointed if she saw me being so lazy. (We’re only friends in my mind but it’s on my vision board:-)

Jenny Penton from Planner Perfect never stops telling me to get out of bed early and get my crap done! Write it all out in my planner and get up earlier!

I will remind you that the only one of those ladies I actually know is Amy but I feel all of the messages as if they were meant for me personally.

In a Perfect World

It should be easy enough to stop doing those two things to make room for the things I want for myself. So let me tell you how I envision my day going.

6:30 the alarm goes off. I check messages and emails to see if there is anything I need to do right away – I’m the president of the women’s organization at church and sometimes things need to be handled so that’s got to happen.

6:45 read one chapter of whatever nonfiction book I’m reading at the time. Currently I’m in the middle of two. Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis and 10% Happier by Dan Harris.

7:00 out of bed, no excuses. Listen to scriptures and BYU devotionals while I get dressed and do my makeup.

Pray before leaving my bedroom, text or email anyone who comes to my mind during that prayer to check in on them and see how things are going.

7:45 Downstairs and take my morning thyroid meds and the supplements I’m supposed to take but always forget.

8:00 make something for breakfast and a cup of rooibos or mint tea.

8:15 Spend 30 minutes in my planner reviewing the day and adding things I forgot while I eat breakfast.

8:45 Spend 30 minutes cleaning something in the house.

9:15 get to work either writing a blog post, newsletter, class materials or magazine article.

11:00 Current work like sewing (which is the focus at the moment) or spinning samples or for a project.

12:00 lunch (Mondays I have lunch with my friend Sally so that takes longer)

12:45 until 3 sew or spin some more.

3:00 start dinner if necessary

4:00 Judge Judy

Dinner, clean the kitchen, take my evening supplements

then upstairs at 7PM to wash my face, get ready for bed, work on hand sewing, knitting or cross stitch while watching fun tv.

Read at 9PM and asleep by 10PM

Well? Think I Can Do It?

How does that feel too you? Manageable? Too much? Please don’task me to cut Judge Judy. Or to keep my phone downstairs cause that’s my alarm.

Other than that I’m open to suggestions.


Amy and I had a chat and edited and changed the schedule a tiny bit so this is where we stand now after input and conversation:

630 alarm goes off

645 – Check emails for anything on fire

Then out of bed makeup/devotionals/ prayers

745 Take meds – eat breakfast – IG and FB

845 House chores.

915* – writing time but bumpable 2x times a week.

1100** Current making – sewing or samples.

1200 lunch – IG and FB

1245 Current making – sewing or samples.

300 start dinner

400 judge judy

500 dinner – clean up dinner etc

700 upstairs for bed, book reading

730 handsew, knit, tv

TV is the lowest priority.

(*) Monday – this is sewing time after blog is posted
(**) One day a week – set up and work on social media upcoming posts.

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