Saturday Sewing Room Update

I think I can see some progress. I probably worked in here for about 2 hours this week. My skein holder/antique dryer is over full now and the drawers in the closet are almost bursting. It’s definitely time for a moratorium on buying new yarn. I think I’m going to have my own “autumn abstain”. Let me know if you are interested in joining me. I will, however, take an exception for the two swaps and secret pal 9 that I’ve joined.

Here is the side of the room with both bookshelves.

Here is the yarn closet which also holds some fabric.

This is the shelf with the sewing books.

This is the bookshelf that hold all of my knitting books – along with some spinning.

I have another question. Now that I have put all of my knitting books on the shelf – except for the few that are with their projects right now – the shelf is quite snug.
The question is, do I stop buying books, get rid of some that I have, or get another bookshelf?

Let me show you the shelves one by one in case you’re interested to know what books I have.

Top shelf has spinning, socks, some technical books and my two knitting calendars.

Second Shelf has lace, Barbara Walker, and Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Third Shelf has Alice Starmore, Sally Melville, Debbie Bliss and some compilations.

Bottom shelf has my notebooks with single patterns and magazines and catalogs.

O.K. gotta go. I won’t be finishing Lilly if I keep playing around.

Oh, yeah check out the button my sister, Tammy, made for me.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Sewing Room Update”

  1. jessie

    I am overwhelmed by and impressed with your stash. Yowza.

    The thing about the books is, do you really use them all still? Could you consider your book stash at max capacity and promise not to buy more unless you give one away? Otherwise, you may need a second home.

  2. Sherri

    My goodness you would probably get more work don if you put the camera down and WORKED–heeheee
    Anyway thank you for mentioning me on your blog – next time you may want to talk about me more-it may interest your readers to hear more about cool stuff-rather than your none organizational skills.

    Missing you in Vermont.

  3. MeatGel

    Sherri’s nuts. But other than that, you need better shelving in that closet instead of lidded bins. I am avialable anytime in early November.

  4. buck wylde

    don’t listen to sherri, beth. i love hearing about organizing stuff. i figured i better start to love it because tammy is on a similar kick. you should take her up on the offer of help. if she’s out there with you, she’s not here making me help her with the next thing. glad to see you are having fun with yarn and all. everyone needs a hobby. ask tammy about ghost town rodeo.

  5. loribird

    Oh, you could totally move the calendars and Red-Cross knit kit to make room for more knitting books…
    It looks fabulous – I’m jealous…
    (found your blog through the Roving Swap site, and I’m also in Hot-Socks as well!)

  6. Malcolm L Shearer

    I thought mom said I could have that drafting table I see in one of the pictures.LOL

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