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Today I just have a question. I have been sewing a lot. Which means I have a LOT of fabric scraps.

What do you do with them all? Of course the ones that are at least 1/4 of a yard I put back on the shelf but all the other little bits. Tell me what you do.


6 thoughts on “Scraps”

  1. Sue

    Cut them into lumberyard sizes and make scrap quilts.

    1. Beth

      Lol. Lumberyard sizes. But I knew exactly what you meant!

  2. Elizabeth Rodriguiz

    The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild will be selling donated fabric at its May meeting. You could send a note to info@gaaqg.com for more information. All proceeds from the sale will go to SAFEHouse, The Domestic Violence Project of Washtenaw County.

  3. Katie

    Skinny ones become garden ties. If I can get a 4×4 square out of it, sachets or quilts. If not, natural fibers get composted, and everything else is stuffing.

  4. The Great British Sewing Bee just did a great episode on re-using all the scraps that sewists accumulate while making other projects. It was all about matching colours and patterns to sew together to make a new set of fabric. Hope that makes sense!

    1. Beth

      I wish I could watch that show! It sounds so fabulous!

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