Shop Move Update

So Thursday was quite exhausting. Carrying all of that stuff down the stairs. Up and down the stairs over and over. You would think I lost another 10 pounds – nope. My charming husband was there all day, as well and the two blogless Lisas. One blogless Lisa was there to almost the bitter end. I finally went home at 7PM. The next day (Friday) I was back at 8:30 AM and surprisingly the little elves did not come and do the jobs I assigned. You can’t rely on those stinkin‘ elves.
So Erika and her son got there at about 11AM and stayed and stayed until we were presentable to open on Saturday. I think it was about 9:00 when we finally went home.
This is what the shop looked like about 2PM.
Amy and Jillian stopped by at about 3:30 and dug around a bit. Not necessarily the condition you want your shop to be in when Amy Singer drops in but…what could I do? I’m always happy to see her and Jillian just makes me laugh. (She’s one of those girls who you just have to smile at when she walks in.)
Things are coming along here.
And here it is mostly together. There are still some little things I want to change and bits to see if they will work where we put them.
Isn’t this cute. It’s the lace room. The needles and little bits and books are all here. It’s quite a cozy little space.
This is also in the lace room. The tea cart is in here so when you come please stop and have a cup of tea and some chocolate and whatever other little snack I happen to pick up.
This is the class room. All of the coned yarns are in here as well as the looms and some wheels. It’s very nice in here too.
This is my favorite part. The Wall O Fleeces. All of these are in the grease fleeces of all different breeds. Here you will see 36 fleeces – I believe – and they are from 32 different breeds. The duplicate breeds are different colors. I love these. If you are looking for a little bit of a breed let me know because you can by just a couple of ounces and if you want I’ll wash it up for you too. I love washing fleece.
Saturday after I closed the shop me and my sweetie and my Forester spindle went to the UofM Hockey game. We worked on some Michigan Blue silk while the kicked the pants of the team from Alaska.


7 thoughts on “Shop Move Update”

  1. tracey in mi

    looks like it’s coming along! I’m WAY over due for a trip in…. will be in soon- I promise;)

  2. Alwen

    Boo hoo, I wish you weren’t all the way across the state! I miss having a real weaving store handy, since I moved and the Weaver’s Shop in Rockford closed. *sigh*

  3. tonni

    Oh my goodness!!! Look at all that fiber! I just ordered a spinning wheel… wish there was a place around here that carried your kind of selection of fiber 🙂

  4. --Deb

    The new space looks great! But, darn it, why can’t you be a few hundred miles CLOSER??? (grin) Lots of luck!

  5. Obsidian Kitten

    wow–it looks GREAT!

    gee, who knew ya had ALL of that stuff…

  6. Kat with a K

    Wow, your shop looks lovely! I can hardly wait to see it in person on Saturday!!

  7. Kate A.

    Gorgeous! Especially the lace room…just the sort of place where I want to go and…knit some lace. Should work well! 🙂 And I *love* the wall of fleeces. Especially since I can still remember vividly the sheepie smell (in a good way), so it’s almost like I can smell them in the picture… (does this make me crazy?)

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