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If you have been following the skirt project from the beginning you understand that the skirt project no longer is only about skirts and more about fabric and all kinds of garments. The next project is going to be a blazer or jacket of some sort. And it’s going to be pink.

The plan is to use singles for this particular project and I wanted them to be finer than the other yarns I’ve used so far. I’m ready to put the samples on the loom and see how it’s going to work. For these samples I’ll be putting 2 yards on but only 10 inches wide. If all goes well I’ll start spinning the singles for a 24 inch wide fabric.

I am hoping to avoid having to use on sizing the yarn at this point but we’ll see what happens. Right now, to control the active twist in the yarn during winding the warp and dressing the loom I wound the yarn from the spinning wheel bobbin onto a niddy noddy made of PVC.

The great thing about a pvc niddy is that you can soak the yarn and block it right on the niddy. This will work for smaller amounts like this but I’ll have to think about how to proceed for the more than 10,000 yards I’ll need for the actual fabric.

So, today I’m going to get the warp wound but before I can put anything on the loom I need to fix this girl.

That’s my Schacht Baby Wolf. I recommend to my spinning students that they give their spinning wheels a good tightening a couple of times a year but I haven’t been following that advice with my looms and look…

Little parts are falling out. So, I guess I’d better go take care of that and tighten all the other screws while I’m at it. I’ll keep you posted.

If you are interested in the calculations and details of this project I am posting that all over on my Patreon page.


2 thoughts on “Skirt Project – Merino Sampling”

  1. Sara Buse

    Interesting project. I’ll be following. I have several yarns queued up for a
    Projects and too chicken to start. Plus I’m modifying my big loom and that’s turned into a lot of work. Should just use my Baby Wolf I guess.
    I’ll be interested in how the singles go. So are you using Merino for the ‘boing’ factor in the finishing?

    1. Beth

      I went to Merino because I knew I could spin it fine and I was originally going tui do s2 ply. But the boing factor made the yarn for fluffy after plying so I’m going to try singles. I know the are other breeds that I could spin super fine but I wanted something easily acquired in an already processed form.
      A raw fleece will be next.
      Start spinning!
      I have a mighty wolf and a baby wolf and those are the lines I’ve been doing all of there’s projects on other than the rigid heddle skirt which I love.

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