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Skirt Reservations

Right here on this website I have added a new product in the shop and I’m really excited about it. In addition to listing specific skirts in my Etsy Shop, which requires a sample of every single fabric I have, I have added a product called Custom Skirt Reservation. What this means is that we will work together to make the skirt of your dreams. Either from a beautiful fabric I already have or with a fabric that I find for you based on your description.

While I have over 75 different fabrics I don’t necessarily cut them all and make a sample because some are very precious and I only have enough for one skirt. Of course a few that I have I can reorder, but many of the fabrics I find are special and limited.

I hope you will think of me for your upcoming special occasion or as you get ready for summer and skirt weather. We can work on a deadline and make sure you look spectacular for your event or upcoming vacation.

Let me show you a few of the fabrics I have available right now…keep in mind, this is a small sample and just a tiny piece of what is available that I can source for you. With that in mind, there is almost nothing we can’t accomplish as far as the skirt of your dreams.

I can also get sparkly and fancy fabrics. This is just the beginning! Let me know if I can help you get dressed!

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