I have a cheatin’ heart. Last night I couldn’t take it anymore. I had had it with Lilly. All she wants is my undivided attention. It’s been a year since I began my relationship with her and more than 2 months since we’ve been exclusive. I don’t think I can be tied down to just one, ah, yarn project.

So I made this. This yarn was spun by Bette. She doesn’t knit very often so I brought it home on Wednesday and swatched and knitted this up last night. 4 hours including the swatching. It’s a Patons pattern. I think it’s called Aviator’s Hat. I added the color stripes because she gave me three shades of yarn. They are all natural colors and from her Shetland sheep. It;’s kind of cute and very warm for those winter days when you have to go out and fix the fence.

It was just a one night stand I promise.

Today was Spinner’s Flock. I’ve been wanting to go all summer and all summer something else has come up. Today I was going no matter what. I like to go and see what everyone is working on and just have some quiet time for spinning or knitting myself.

I finished spinning this Wensleydale. The wool on the bobbin was spun about 2 weeks ago so I just wanted to finish up the little bit of roving I had left.
I seem to always naturally spin a thinner yarn and have to really concentrate to get anything thicker. This singles is about 44 wraps per inch. I want to knit a little doily with it. I’m not sure how many yards I have but I know I started with about 2 ounces.
Here’s my dilemma. I want to knit this as a singles yarn. I want to soak it and set the twist. I have been told that the best way to do that is on a plastic Niddy just soak the whole thing and let it dry like that. I don’t have a plastic niddy. Anybody have any other suggestions?

Now onto some crazy stuff. This is my brother. We call him Lee. This is a frightening picture of him but he’s kind of a lunatic.

Not to be outdone by his sisters he made a blog today which he titled ME. His subtitle says “Do not expect to see your name or any reference to you in my ME blog.”

I don’t expect him to post again – ever. He just likes to harass me. Drop by and ask him to stop posting scary pictures on his blog.

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