Something Funny

So for the last 4 days I’ve been thinking about what I need to do to get ready for my next deadlines and projects and classes. It’s actually not that much and I could have had it done in 2 days if I just focused and got to work. But I didn’t.

For the last 4 weeks I’ve been doing the bare minimum of work or anything craftual because of other things happening in my life and spending three weeks with my parents in Penssylvania. And i think that’s what my problem is right now.

I realized something this morning. No matter what I’m supposed to be doing, if I don’t feel like I have time to work on a couple of things I want to do I get a bit paralized.

Next Wednesday I leave for Kansas City to teach at Plyaway. It’s going to be great! (still some spaces available) And I’ve already shipped the fiber for my classes but there are some little bits of things that need to be done – like handouts and other small classroom helps. Also, I have a special skirt that is cut out but needs to be sewn specially for this retreat. There are three breeds I don’t have samples for but should. And I need to pack the tools I take along. You know, combs, hand cards, flicks that I lend to all of those who don’t own all of the tools, as well as my spinning wheel.

See? 2 days and I could be done.

Know what I’d rather do? spin the Blue Faced Leicester for my next skirt. And so I’ve been doing none of it.

Know what I did instead? I asked Chelsea to come over and we inventoried the clean and raw fleeces as well as the mill prepared fiber I have on hand. We also cleaned up my studio. I have some before and after photos for you.


2016-04-11 13.21.262016-04-11 13.21.45











2016-04-12 15.12.19

2016-04-12 15.12.41










See? Better. But not the immediate needs. I do feel better in there though and now I know what I’m missing for my June classes…

I hear you yelling at me. I could just take an hour or two each day to spin for the thing I want to do and then maybe I could focus on my commitments. Yeah, well, I just realised this morning that that might work.

Yep. I’m slow.

Alright, I’m going. To do the things that I should do to get ready. And maybe spin a little of the Blue Faced Leicester.


4 thoughts on “Something Funny”

  1. Lynn

    I don’t want to talk about how many decades it’s taken me to realize that when I feel out of sorts, it’s because I’m procrastinating on something and therefore I should just do the damned thing and get it over with.

  2. Becca R

    Ah, procrastination I know you well. I have a few wips that are really needing to be done and because I’m feeling pressured by that I cast on a new shawl instead. It’s going so quickly and the one I cast on ages ago and only needs an edging is sitting in the bag being ignored. A little play to jump start your creativity can get it flowing and make the things you need to get done a little easier.

  3. Leigh

    I love your wool storage! You can see it, but it’s all put away. My kind of storage system. I love seeing the stuff. Plus it prevents me from buying ANOTHER blue and green roving to add to the 20 I have, but couldn’t see. LOL

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