In the middle of February, right after I finished knitting Hiro I needed a new project.

I spun up two 4 ounce batts that I bought at Rhinebeck from Josette McWilliams who is the genius behind Enchanted Knoll. The batts were called Freshwater Pearls. At first glance all is grey but when you look closer there are all the colors in there shining through – just like when you look at a grey or black pearl. The batts were made of about 60% Merino and 40% silk. some of the silk is recycle Sari silk.


I spun the singles fine. They were about 45 wpi. Though the yarn was spun with a short forward draw, there are inconsistencies in the twist and thickness throughout because that is the nature of woolen prep, especially if there are thicker things blended in such as the Sari Silk.

freshwater pearls 2 - Copy


freshwater pearls - Copy

I was very happy with the yarn when it was finished but I didn’t really have a project in mind. I have been thinking a lot about lace this year and so I went on a hunt for a shawl that I thought I might need.


songofspring - Copy
The shawl that caught my eye was Song of Spring designed by Rosemary (Romi) Hill. It is ethereal and light. It was exactly what this yarn needed.

songofspring2 - Copy

It always takes me at least 15 rows to start getting the hang of things. I think it’s because, for me, it takes that long for a pattern to begin to appear so that I can read my knitting and follow easily along with the charts.



I’m halfway through chart A here.



No charts B and C are done.


And I am currently about halfway through chart D. I can’t remember if there are 2 or three charts after this one. I’m not going to look because I am focused. I should probably take my string and blocking pins along to Utah. I expect I will be knitting a bit between feeding and holding the little baby.
carolwendyme - Copy

And now for a moment of Zen brought to you by Carol Sulkoski and Wendy Ellis.



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