I seem to be getting back on track with the weight loss. Not much time left on the plan but if I could get to 40 pounds lost I think I would be very happy cause I bought new pants today and I AM A SIZE 10!!!!!!! I haven’t been that size since Brittney was like 2 years old. (She’s 21 now).
I felt good and it was kind of rejuvenating. So I keep trying.

Today I’ve got two really bad pictures of two really good things. First is a problem solver – I hope.
I had an issue. My shop phone rings through to my cell phone when I’m not there. I like talking to potential customers and also students who may be having problems that I can help with over the phone. Sometimes those people want to make appointments with me or tell me to hold a place in an upcoming class. I am happy to do that. I either scribble the note on a piece of scrap paper or tell myself I’ll remember – HA!
I lose the paper and can never remember who called. So, I started looking into a pocket PC or Palm. I had an HP for a while and the internal battery is shot and I couldn’t get the old software to load onto my new computer so I was in the market. Now currently I carry my XM radio and my phone in my purse and was not looking forward to adding another electronic device to an already crowded space.
A couple of weeks ago I started to do a little shopping and then last week I got more serious about it. In the end I went with the T-Mobile Wing. I liked that the calendar was outlook and I recognized it and I thought that might help me in using the thing.
So here’s the first really bad picture. Now for this to work I actually have to use it. It came with a 300 page instruction manual. Can somebody come over here please and give me a lesson? I’m scared.

The next thing is not scary at all. I had a customer interested in purchasing a wheel but she had to get rid of her current wheel first. Well, she brought it in today and I had no self control. I bought it from her for my own personal self. Guess what’s going with me to SOAR?

My very own Reeves Back to Basics wheel. It’s a beautiful thing and spins a lovely yarn. I’ve been wanting a Reeves wheel and never thought I’d have one. Of course if there’s ever an opportunity for the big production wheel I’ll be going there too – but then there’s always the Jensen 30″ Saxony. So many wheels so little time – and space.
And my husband asked me after wheel number 3 why I needed three. This makes four. And I still wouldn’t mind a Majacraft Rose. Is that wrong? They all have their own strengths and I have an emotional attachment to them.

I forgot to take a picture of the stuff I’ve been gathering and spinning for the Fiber Frenzy Swaps. Maybe it’s better that way. I’m such a terrible secret keeper. Anyway, I think it’s good stuff and I hope my pals like it.

My intention with the Feather and Fan shawl was to stay on the same 24″ needle until the end. Now I’m seeing the wisdom of switching to a longer needle. The 24″ one is quite crowded and I’m only up to row 81 of a total of 189. I’ve currently got about 448 stitches and by the end I will have 1225. I’m thinking the stitches won;t fit on the current needle. We’ll be switching tonight and I’ll get a picture.
O.K. off to knit an avoid thinking of the microwaving of the popcorn that’s going on downstairs. MMMM that smells good. Nope gotta avoid it. More water please.