First, here’s probably the last time that this feather and fan shawl will be able to be stretched out to show and detail. It’s on the 47″ needle and I expect it will stay there until binding off. The lighting isn’t very good because I took this picture at about 6 in the morning but you get the idea. I’m currently at round 85. I’m still a little worried about the variegated yarn but I’m forging ahead. It certainly is pleasant to look at color wise. It’s also not terribly difficult to knit. I opted for the shawl which uses two charts for the feather and fan. The two chart version has a decrease and yarn over as well as 4 purl stitches right in the center of the repeat. I sometimes am flying along on the three rows between the pattern rows and run right by the purl stitches. Generally I see them the next time around and then carefully switch them from knit to purl stitches. I’m excited to see this shawl to the finish. I think it will be a nice size and the yarn is very lovely.
I have 106 rows to go and then the crochet bind off. If I average 2 rows a day that’s 7 weeks to finish. SOAR is in less than 6 weeks. Not enough time. So that means I’ve gotta do more rows per day. If I can do 4 rows per day that means I can finish in about a month. HHHMMMM. I need to do more than four rows per day at the moment because I know there will be days when I do less and also near the end the pattern rows will probably take me close to an hour to do.
I do kind of like having a deadline though.
In other news, I found this at the State Fair today. Right outside the goat pens. I can’t help it. The clovers with the unusual numbers of leaves just shout to me.
And then Ryan milked a cow. Jersey cows are my favorite. They have friendly faces.
Maggie did try milking the cow too but she (the cow) kept hitting Maggie in the face with her tail.
I just liked this cow. I don’t know what kind it is. I think it’s meant for meat. The dairy cows usually have a different build.
And the reason I went to the fair today was to find out how I did. First place in the Gold Ribbon Division for Handspun Yarn. This is the Blue Faced Leicester skein. It is a singles yarn spun on my Golding Spindle.
First place in the general division of handspun yarn. This is the Qiviut/Silk singles yarn spun on my Ann Grout Acorn support spindle.
And another First Place for Lily. I will pick all of them up from the fair on September 3rd and Lily will be retired from competition. I will actually wear her this fall. I’m so excited for that. I think next year’s entry will be knit with handspun. I need to pick a pattern and a fiber. The Highland Triangle from Folk Shawls is looking very attractive.