The Sweater Spin Along begins in just a few days and so I’ve been thinking how can I help you all get your wheels in shape before we start. Well, here’s my first tip.

I was spinning on my Watson Martha the other day and had to stop, so I was doing the usual things I do when I put my wheel back where it lives when I’m not using it. I put the sample card back where it hangs on the wheel, I put my oil bottle back in the place I like to keep it so I know where it is and I loosened the handle that holds one of the drive wheels in place and pushed the wheel back so that the drive bands were loosened up.






After I did that I thought about some people I had met with a poly drive band that was no longer stretchy or that had been on the largest whorl of their wheel so long that it would no longer work on the smaller whorls. Often when I ask about it the answer is because people are worried about messing with the way their wheel is set up and that they won’t be able to get it back to the same tension or setting.

I’m here to assure you that with the help of your sample card and the notes you make on it, along with the sensitivity of your hands, you can get your wheel back to the same settings to spin the same yarn you were spinning the last time. A little practice combined with a bit of self confidence and all will be well.

It is important to loosen the tension on your stretchy drive band when you aren’t using your wheel. Because of this practice we have an 8 year old ladybug with it’s original drive band which is still in great shape.

If it is too late you can get replacement bands from several sources. The dealer you got your wheel from is a great resource because they probably sell the drive bands ready to use. If, however, this isn’t an option you can buy the poly cord from The Woolery and then cut it to the length you want and melt the ends together. Another option (that doesn’t work for my Martha) is pony bead lacing from your local craft store. It’s a stretchy poly cord that comes with connectors and you just snap it together and go.

If you want to join our Sweater Spin Along just become a patron of mine. This is going to be like a long term class (8 or 9 months) and I’m going to teach you almost everything I know. Where else can you get a class like that for only $36? I hope you’ll decide to join!

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