Sara left this morning. I hope she had a good time. She definitely went home a lot more broke than when she came.
The stranger in the picture is my charming husband. He took her to the airport because he loves me and they had to leave before 7AM.
I will now attempt to show you what I came home with.
I took too many pictures and now I can’t put them all on this post so you’re in for another one very shortly but be’ll start with what I could load.

This is some beautiful roving from Cloverleaf Farms. The pink is Blue Faced Leicester and the orange is Silk and Wool. I think it was a little overpriced but I loved the way it was displayed and I think I might be copying from them just a little in the shop.

Here are my lovely sheepskin earmuffs and souvenir sweatshirt. I’m not a big sweatshirt girl to go out but I sure do love the warmth when I’m home in the winter. I needed the earmuffs because I think they’ll lok good with my dressy coat when a knit hat won’t do.

This yarn is from Brooks Farm in Texas. I found myself at their booth several times each day so on Sunday I decided I should just get some. There’s a sweater in the new book Knit Two Together that is called the Rowena Cardigan. I’m thinking of using this yarn for it. I don’t have the book yet but I’m sure I’ll be looking for room on the shelf for it soon. It’s actually a little more pink than the picture shows and soft as a baby sheep’s bottom.

Here’s the Skaska loot. You knew I would. Galina’s my hero. A little bit of Quiviut anyone? It’s mixed with Merino and silk. Then there’s the 2500 yards of laceweight yarn and a signed book.

I bought some handcream for me (not pictured) and some for Penny since there’s a basset on it. I hope she loves it. Stop laughing I know all of you are bringing presents home for your dogs.

This yarn is from a little store we stopped at in Niagara Falls called the Knitting Habit. She’s closing her store and going to online ordering only so there was a lot on sale. I also got all of these cutest sheep buttons. I have no idea what I’m going to use them for but …you know.

Closup of the sheep.

I bought 3 Merino Fleeces from Ewe and Me. They are beautiful and very white. They are breeding for white fleeces and I think they are achieving their goals. The crimp on them is spectacular and I really don’t know how you measure microns but I’m thinking this is pretty fine.

And then there’s this. A mohair fleece from something Angoras. I can’t remember them. I have their card downstairs but I’m very warm and I will get very cold if I get out of bed. You wouldn’t ask me to do that would ya?
It’s beautiful and soft and REALLY dirty. I have a lot of work to do on this one. If anybody has any advice about the best way to scour goat hair please let me know. In the mean time I will be googling it.

Watch out for the next installment. Only a few more pictures left.


4 thoughts on “Stuff”

  1. lorinda

    Girl! Your husband is almost as good-lookin’ as your yarn! 😉

  2. Dianna

    I haven’t done goat fiber washing, but I am getting lots of experience with washing lanolin rich sheep! LOL All the websites and fiber people swear by Dawn dishwashing liquid for washing raw fiber. I have mixed feelings about it. My water perhaps isn’t as hot as it should be, but I’ve had better luck with Fibermaster. I’ve also used Kookaburra, but just the woolwash, not the wool scour. I just received some Kookaburra wool scour, so I’ll let you know how that works compared to Dawn! In the interim, I do recommend the Fibermaster. I have also read recently that Febreeze can help remove the animal smell from raw fiber.

  3. Kate A.

    I agree about that hottie husband of yours – not just hot, but he’ll get up early-early so you don’t have to?!? Nice.

    And a very good thing to convert the young. Money is for wool. Money is for wool. I’ve been admiring Sara’s piercings, btw. I’ve got an eyebrow ring and a belly-ring myself.

    As for the loot…I find that all I can do is repeat the words idiotically…Brooks Farm…yumminess…sheep buttons, oooh…fleecy, fleecy, purty, purty…and…Skaska loot! Quiviut!

    Sigh. I know I’m a lame-ass for not going. I know. Who needs an apartment? If I bought wool with my rent money, I’d probably be warmer than I am in an NYC apartment….

    Is it wrong that this kind of thing is starting to sound rational to me?

  4. hesira

    Great looking loot, neice & hubby. I don’t spin, but your pics make me want to. I don’t need another diversion!

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