Surprises in the mail

Last night was Fiber Free For All at the shop and I was showing off this year’s ribbons. Just thought I’d show them off one more time before I get back to work. Hee.
I got my first box from the Spindle and Wheel Fiber Frenzy Swap.
So it was FULL of loot. Stuff I’ve been wanting to try and just never ordered for myself. WooHoo. The orange batt is from Abby’s Yarns. It’s beautiful. You know how you see dyed fibers online and then you order it and it’s stiff as a board or feels yucky – not this stuff. It’s fab.
Then there’s a little bit of green dyed Tussah also from Abby. I haven’t touched it too much yet but, well, I’ll be spinning it soon. The color is gorgeous. Then there’s some grey Bamboo and Black Alpaca. The Alpaca is great because there’s some white in the rovings which will make a very interesting single that my pal Peggy got from another blog I read (how did she know?) Called Alpaca Granny who has an Etsy shop called North Star Alpacas. This Alpaca lady is right here in Michigan too.
There’s some dye and fixative to dye the bamboo black but I may do a little sampling to see what the two colors do together if they don’t exactly match. There were also a couple of other nice little touches in there too – note paper and a notebook.
Thank you so much Peggy!

O.K. I’m way behind on my knitting goals and SOAR is only a month away! Gotta go.


4 thoughts on “Surprises in the mail”

  1. Gammy aka Peggy

    I’m so glad you are happy with the package. I wanted to keep it all for myself!!!!

  2. Gammy aka Peggy

    Oh, I meant to say, that actually the what looked white to you in the alpaca roving is actually a light blue silk. 🙂

  3. Kate A.

    Lovely necklace you’ve got on there!

    Aren’t goody boxes *delightful*?? I have reason to know…hee hee!

  4. Alpaca Granny

    This is too funny. I have been blogging with Peggy for a while and knew that she was buying that black alpaca for someone who owned a yarn shop, and thinking that someone was off in Timbucktoo. Surprise, surprise when my Google Alert brought me to you this a.m.

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