Talent Galore

Now I need some time to gush please. You guys already think there’s a lot of gushing going on, don’t you? Well, I’m doin‘ it anyway. There are two teachers coming to my shop in the next couple of months. They are famous. I have their phone numbers. For me that’s like if Johnny Depp gave me his phone number. I’m star struck and nervous that my spinning sucks and how can I spin in front of them but here they are.

Patsy Zawistoski is coming to teach in about 3 weeks. 2 fantastic classes. I am so excited to meet her. I am very excited to sit with her and watch her hands while she spins.

She has several spinning videos available but there’s nothing like sitting next to a master spinner while they spin. (There’s still room if you want to sit with me.)

Abby. Yup Abby Franquemont. You know, Abby’s Yarns. She’s coming to teach at my shop, too.
Here’s the post where I talk about meeting Abby at SOAR. And even though I was her stalker all week she’s brave enough to come and teach here in the same room with me!

The class descriptions my sister will be posting on the website tonight or tomorrow are right from Abby. Also, read between the lines of that teacher bio. She wrote it and also included the bio she’d like to include. I liked the second choice better but I’m not sure if I have permission to reprint it. It does give us a better idea of what kind of teacher she is. You can also check out all of her You Tube Videos. She’s almost like a You Tube Star except with clothes.

O.K. I try not to have too much blatant shop promotion here but you all need to sign up for these classes if you are a spinner and have any possibility of getting here to Howell, MI. These girls are good. I know a lot of you missed it when Jenny was here and here’s your chance to make it up.

AND there’s a little tradition that’s happening when teachers come to my shop. Wool Shop Sleepovers. We get lots of snacks and spin until late in the shop and just sleep over in the shop. Very fun and then you can join the Wool Shop Sleepover Group on Ravelry. Yet another reason to sign up for classes.

Also, I need to put a little plug here for Knit Michigan on February 2. It will be my first time as a real vendor so I’m very nervous but come out and support me and the very good cause. Check out the website. I think it’s going to be great fun.


4 thoughts on “Talent Galore”

  1. Donna B

    You are killing me, Beth! KILLING me! Maybe maybe maybe I can come to see Abby. I hope. Rats.

    Thanks for the great comment on my blog about a wheel. It will be months, I think, before I get enough for a wheel, and I hope to be wending my way to your shop sometime before or maybe then! DH has offered to watch the kids so I can go to the Alpaca show in the summer. Of course, if Abby comes and I can’t go….. I’ll be dead already so it won’t matter. Died of longing. lol They’ll bury me with my spindle.

  2. Alpaca Granny

    I plan on being there for Betsy, Beth. Just not sure which days yet. Hopefully, all of them.

  3. --Deb

    You’re killing me, here . . . why can’t you be a couple hundred miles CLOSER?? (grin)

  4. MeatGel

    Your shop website is updated … so is my blog (www.meatgel.com – change my link!). Big fun.

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