The Crown Costume Exhibit


On Friday April 5th I went to Winterthur Museum in Winterthur, Delaware along with my mom and her friend Vicki. I have been to Winterthur one other time and that is when they had an exhibit of the costumes from the TV series Downton Abbey. Somebody tagged me in a Facebook post about a new exhibit called Costuming The Crown.

I don’t know if you guys know but I love Queen Elizabeth II. And I have been enjoying the Crown on Netflix very much. I’ve watched the whole series 3 times.

Winterthur is the only place that this exhibit will be in the United States and so since I was going to be only an hour away it was a no brainer.

I may have gotten in a little trouble for leaning to much on the platforms so I could get close enough to look at details. I was tempted to touch the fabrics but I restrained myself.

I wish I lived closer so I could go back again.

Anyway, let me just give you a gallery of a few of the dresses and what for me were the highlights. I’m including full length shots of some of the garments and some detail shots in this gallery and then I’ll go back later and talk about a few of them in another post.


2 thoughts on “The Crown Costume Exhibit”

  1. I love that show, especially for the costumes. You were so lucky to see them face to face, or fiber to face. Double pleats? Yes please. Polka dots? Always. did you not touch them (or did you)?

    1. Beth

      I wanted to touch them but I was able to contain myself. It was hard though.

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