The Fiber of my Being

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Again with the pictures. This is a shot of the shelves which hold a lot of my “fleece in the grease”. Of course they don;t all fit in there but I’ve made a valiant effort. I came back from Spinner’s Flock on Saturday with 9 more! I have absolutely no self control.

This cormo I got a short time ago. I just like it and so I took a picture.

Gotland Lamb!!! MMM Good.

This one I got a couple of months ago. California Red. It’s Romney-like but very enjoyable to spin. There are reddish fibers mixed with the white and so it looks a little pinkish. I love it.

This one I did get on Saturday The staple length is sooo long and the luster! I need to wash some of this tomorrow and spin a sample. What kind, you ask? Can’t remember. It’s too late. I’ll remember tomorrow and edit this with the correct info. Coopworth for crying out loud!

Black as night Romeldale. So beautiful and fine.

Rambouillet! How I love you Rambouillet.

This is a new Jacob to replace the prior Jacob which was mysteriously removed from the shop and carefully separated into two colors and washed and placed in storage for an upcoming spinning project. The thief is considering a cardigan with a black stripe around the bust area.

Believe ti or not, this is a WHITE Blue Faced Leicester fleece! I’d better wash this. It’s a pretty small fleece so I think I’ll wash the whole thing and sell it clean.

And this lovely thing is a beautiful bat which was carded on the Strauch Petite Carder by my own personal Batt Boy. He is the son of Erika. He spent some hours in my shop a couple of weeks ago and he was getting pretty bored – he’s 7 you know. So I have a bag of fiber I keep for when there are odd little bits floating around the shop. I intended to take them to the mill to have a special blend made. I gave the bag of fiber and the carder to the kid and he started carding and processing. Altogether he made 6 batts I think. I kept this one and shipped the others home with him to spin. He spins on his drop spindle but he really wants his own wheel.
I’m waiting for him to come back and make me some more because…

here are my singles and….

here is the finished yarn. This yarn was spun on the Schacht– Reeves 24″ Saxony with a short backward draft method. Due to the fact that the batt was only 1oz and that’s all I had I plied it with Henry’s Attic Cascade Silk – 2000 ypp. I LOVE this yarn. I’m pretty sure it can’t be reproduced so I need to figure out what to do with this little bit. I probably should go back and see exactly how many yards I have so the planning can be more intelligent.

In other news, I’m having a sleepover. In August. In celebration of Galina. Erika is coming. Kate is coming. I am typing in short sentences due to hyperventilating. I am so excited I can hardly breath! Am I more excited about Galina or the other girls? I can’t tell but I do know that it’s going to be a fuuuuuuun breakfast when we all show up to meet George and Galina.

If you were interested in the Galina Workshop call me. Only a couple spots are left. If you have to travel to get here I probably could fit you into the sleepover too. It’s gonna be fun. We’re gonna have snacks.

O.K. before I start thinking too hard about snacks I’d better go to sleep. I’m hungry and it’s too late to eat.


5 thoughts on “The Fiber of my Being”

  1. Obsidian Kitten

    *blink blink*
    the display looks gorgeous!

    and all the fleecey goodness, my oh my

    and the batt boy batt made into yarn–love love love it

    hope i can still come tomorrow, we have 110+ bales of hay to load into the barn so i have to see

  2. historicstitcher

    I love what you did with his batt!!


    Can’t wait to come visit again, bringing Batt Boy.

  3. Tracy

    Wow. Looks great…I think I wouldn’t be able to do anything but stare and fondle for the rest of my dayd. I hope I didn’t get any drool on you 🙂

  4. Kate A.

    You’re not the only one hyperventilating from excitement! And I just finished reading Galina’s book – ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!! It’s one of the best knitting books I’ve ever read and I SO c a n n o t wait!!!!!!

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